4 Cannabis Strains to Get You Going

4 cannabis Strains to Get You Going

Check out these highlights of the best cannabis strains to get you going.

Although the effects of cannabis are often described as relaxing, and even sedating, not everyone wants to be locked into their couch or put right to sleep. Those effects might be great for you if you’re in need of rest and relaxation, but some patients are looking for symptom relief that doesn’t make them drowsy. Luckily, there are many strains that patients report to have energetic effects. 

These can help relieve symptoms during the day, without the risk of feeling slowed down or sluggish. In fact, some strains are so potent in their energizing effects, they can be compared to the effects of caffeine, making them an excellent choice for you if you need to consume cannabis during daylight hours and still want to feel alert. Here are 4 of the top strains to get you going.

Top 4 Cannabis Strains to Get You Going

Durban Poison
Durban poison is a pure sativa strain, of South African origin. In addition to its sweet smell, it is  most famous for making people feel energetic, creative and happy. The energetic effects of Durban Poison are sometimes compared to having a cup of coffee, so it’s usually not recommended for nighttime use, but has been known to be great during daylight hours. The buds are known for their sticky texture caused by large resin glands.

Skywalker Kush
Skywalker Kush was first introduced in California when a Skywalker OG was crossbred with an OG Kush. The results gave birth to a plant with dense green buds, with a shiny coat of resinous trichomes. The Skywalker Kush is said to smell strongly of chemicals, but in a good way, due to its relation to the well known Chemdawg lineage. The effects of this one are usually happy and relaxed, making it a nicely balanced hybrid, but its high THC content is known for bringing on the effects quickly and lasting long after first consuming.  

White Widow
White Widow is known around the world for being a potent hybrid strain. With parent strains like an uplifting Brazilian sativa and a potent South Indian indica, the buds are somewhat white in color from being covered in so many crystal like trichomes. This famous frosty bud has several stimulating effects, known to make consumers talkative, energetic, and creative, with a clear mental euphoria. 

Pineapple OG
Pineapple OG, or sometimes referred to as Pineapple OG Kush is a rare gem of a strain, reigning from the West Coast. With accenting aromas of fruit, pine, and gasoline, this sativa dominant hybrid is the offspring between the famed Pineapple Express and an unidentified OG Kush hybrid. Crossing these two potent strains has created strong mentally stimulating effects, where patients often describe feeling happy and uplifting, with a touch of body relaxation.

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