Cannabis and Couples

Cannabis and Couples

Navigating the ins and outs of being a couple can be tricky. When the relationship is new, we’re typically on our very best behavior. You might not want to say or do the wrong thing. After you’ve been together a while, you get more comfortable.  Sharing emotions and experiences can become easier with increased levels of trust and understanding. Just like any relationship, communication is key. You might not want to discuss your cannabis use with your partner. Maybe it’s too soon, or you just don’t quite feel comfortable enough.

Discussing Cannabis And Couples

Sometimes it might seem hard to talk to your significant other about your choices to consume cannabis.

Maybe your partner doesn’t know. When is the right time to tell them? Relationships are best with honest communication, so let them know as soon as possible. Use your best judgement to know when the time is right for you. If you’re the partner being told the news, remember that cannabis is a medicine, and your partner may be feeling vulnerable.

Having these conversations can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. Some patients may feel uncomfortable discussing their medical conditions, and that’s ok too. Only you will know when the right time is to talk to your partner about consuming cannabis. 

When it comes to cannabis and couples, there are some specific results that couples can benefit from. By being open and honest about consuming cannabis, you’re laying the foundation for trust, which can be the pillar to a healthy relationship. In addition to being able to talk to each other openly and freely, the act of consuming cannabis can benefit couples as well. 

Research About Cannabis And Couples

One study looked at how consuming cannabis affected levels of intimacy in relationships between couples. The results were positive.

They found that couples who consumed cannabis in the presence of their partner were much more likely to experience intimacy events.

This stands true even if only one partner is consuming cannabis, and the other is not. Consuming without the partner present however, did not influence levels of intimacy. This means just being in the same room as your partner when you consume cannabis, can potentially improve your relationship. 

Then there’s the sexual aspect of being a couple. Sexual health is important for overall health, and sexual activity between partners brings couples together emotionally and physically. It’s an important part of every couple’s relationship, and cannabis has been reported to have positive effects on sex. It potentially makes sex more pleasurable, and fosters greater intimacy between partners. 

Intimacy is known to be one of the key markers in measuring the satisfaction of our relationships. Without it, relationships become difficult to maintain, but physical intimacy isn’t the only intimacy. There is also emotional intimacy, which is what we spoke of earlier, about honest communication and the effects that study found on consuming cannabis in the same room as your partner. This increase in intimacy events by consuming cannabis in the presence of your partner, combined with increased intimacy through sex, sound like a good equation for couples wanting to feel more intimate.

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