Cannabis and Moms

Cannabis and Moms

Cannabis and moms is a common combination, and for good reason.

There’s a lot that connects cannabis and moms. There are certain experiences that are exclusive to the rights of motherhood. Pregnancy is the most obvious. If you’re pregnant, there are physicians who argue on both sides of consuming cannabis during pregnancy. Some say it has a positive effect and others say it can be negative. However, there was a systematic review of several research studies focused on cannabis use during pregnancy.

Cannabis and Pregnancy Research

The researchers concluded that the evidence from all the studies reviewed showed prenatal exposure to cannabis does not lead to cognitive impairment.

This suggests consuming cannabis while pregnant may not be harmful to your baby’s cognitive development. More concrete research is still needed to determine the exact effects of cannabis during pregnancy.

Cannabis and Moms With Postpartum Depression

One major benefit of cannabis for moms is in the treatment of postpartum depression.

Postpartum depression affects up to 15% of all mothers.

Several of these mothers report cannabis being effective in treating some of the side effects. One mother told The Atlantic that cannabis helped her during a period of postpartum depression. It was helpful during the first year after giving birth to her daughter. Consuming cannabis helped ease her stress and feelings of being constantly overwhelmed. She was so impressed by how effective cannabis is as a medicine. She was inspired to create her own cannabis product to help other moms going through similar experiences.

Cannabis and Menstrual Pain

Cannabis has also been shown to help ease menstrual pain and other symptoms of the female reproductive cycle. A survey from Australia found cannabis and hemp to be the most effective in reducing pain caused by endometriosis. This is promising for mothers who experience severe or even mild menstrual pain. Pain during sex after pregnancy is also commonly reported by new mothers. Cannabis is said to decrease pain levels, allowing sex to be more enjoyable.

Moms Make the Decisions

On another note, moms are typically the primary decision makers when it comes to healthcare in their households. They make a majority of the decisions when it comes to the health of the entire family. This authority over choosing how your children’s medical conditions are treated creates quite the purchasing power for moms in dispensaries.

The spread of cannabis legalization has not only reduced the stigma around those who consume it, but it has also made other types of cannabis products more easily available. Products that make keeping cannabis use more discrete, and less potent than just smoking cannabis flower, make it much easier for moms to consume these days. For moms who want to keep their cannabis use under wraps, you can consume discreetly using products like a vape pen, edibles, oils, tinctures or topicals. All of these are great options for moms wanting to take advantage of the medical benefits of cannabis, and not wanting to smoke the place up.

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