Cannabis and Parenting

Discuss the relationship between cannabis and parenting. Find out why parents are consuming cannabis, how it’s helping them, what products are popular, and best practices for keeping cannabis away from children.

The negative stereotypes of cannabis consumers being lazy, stupid, or even unfit to be parents, is quickly becoming a thing of the past. There are now a total of 36 states in the U.S. with legal medical programs, further solidifying the legitimacy of cannabis as medicine. Dispensaries even remained open during the U.S. lockdown of the COVID-19 pandemic, after being deemed essential businesses by the government. All of the events in cannabis history have led to us to today, where medical cannabis is mainstream. 

It’s discussed all over the news, covered by almost all major media outlets, and was a significant political talking point during the 2020 elections. Now more than ever, cannabis consumers are seen as everyday people, from all walks of life, with different backgrounds and experiences, making consuming cannabis and being a parent seem normal in many households.

This is in part due to moms, who are known for making the majority of their family’s healthcare decisions. Not only do moms seem to be purchasing more cannabis than ever before, but they’re also influencing the decisions their spouse or partner make about their health, as well as deciding how their children are being treated medically. 

The increase in cannabis use among parents is a result of the advancing legalization throughout the country. With easier access to legal cannabis as medicine, there is no fear about committing a crime. With reduced levels of stigma, there is less persecution from other parents, family, friends, and community members. This makes it much easier to decide if cannabis is right for you, even if you’re a parent. 

Parents are reporting cannabis to help with many problems they face, including symptoms from a variety of medical conditions. Some couples report cannabis helping increase intimacy and ultimately the satisfaction in their relationships, bringing couples closer together. New parents can face several new challenges, and cannabis has even been shown to help mothers deal with postpartum depression. All of these are reasons why parents are choosing to consume cannabis.

Some parents who are considering trying cannabis for the first time have concerns about their children finding out, or worse, getting into their medicine. There are a few tips parents recommend for both of these worries. Whether you want to have a conversation with your child about your cannabis consumption is up to you. Maybe you want to wait until they’re a certain age. Regardless of when you tell them, it’s a better idea for you to properly educate your child about cannabis than leave it up to the media, or their peers. 

The concern about your child accidentally consuming your cannabis products is a valid one. This is why cannabis is required to come in child resistant packaging. If you choose to store your cannabis in a different container, remember to treat it like any other medicine you wouldn’t want your child getting into. Don’t leave anything sitting out. Keep your cannabis in a location that your child can’t get to. This is the best way to keep your cannabis out of the hands of your children.

The discretion provided by certain methods of consumption is another way parents are finding it easier to consume cannabis. By choosing products like vape pens, topicals, tinctures, or edibles, it’s easy to consume covertly. It also makes it easier to microdose throughout the day, which comes with its own benefits. CBD only products, or ones with very low levels of THC, offer parents the medical benefits of cannabis, without the feeling of being high. No matter what cannabis product you choose, as a parent, your decisions revolve around your children. Now you have more information about cannabis and parenting to help you make some of those decisions.

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