Cannabis and Sex

Explain the health benefits of sex, how cannabis is being reported to help, and how cannabis and sex can work together to promote healthy living. 

Sexual health is an important part of our physical and mental wellbeing. There are a great range of health benefits associated with healthy sexual activity. Cannabis also offers a wide variety of health benefits, so what happens when you combine cannabis and sex?

Today we’re going to answer this question, and look at how cannabis and sex can work together to improve overall health, as well as potentially making sex more pleasurable, and encouraging deeper intimacy between partners.

Due to the physical nature of sex, just like there are heart health benefits to physical exercise, there are similar improvements in cardiovascular activity in both activities. This suggests sex can benefit your health in the range of ways we’ve been talking about, which can include lowering your blood pressure, strengthening your muscles, reducing your risk of hypertension, stroke, and one of the leading causes of death in America, heart disease. 

As you can see, the effects from the physicality of sexual activity have a positive effect on health. Certain medical conditions can limit physical ability, and many patients have found cannabis to give them the symptom relief they need in order to be physically and/or sexually active. For some, this can mean pain relief, and for others it can mean increased arousal, and senses of pleasure. This can be from sex with a partner, or with yourself. Both have their own health benefits, contributing to a better quality of life. 

Although there isn’t much scientific data covering the specific connection between cannabis and sex, there does seem to be a definitive line between too much or too little. One study found that higher doses of cannabis tend to decrease sexual interest because it can sometimes have a sedative effect, making low doses of cannabis appear to be the way to go when wanting to take advantage of the health benefits. The researchers noted this, specifically stating, “that low doses generally facilitate or have no effect, but high doses inhibit” sexual desire and receptivity. However, they ultimately concluded there is still a lot to learn about cannabis and sex, encouraging more research into the therapeutic uses of cannabis for sexual health.

While the scientific jury might still be out on exactly how cannabis and sex work together, it’s clear they both provide many physical health benefits, but there are also psychological benefits to take advantage of. Improved levels of intimacy in your relationship, reduced emotional conflict, and positive expressions of emotion are all ways that sexual activity has been known to improve overall mental health. Cannabis is well known for creating a sense of euphoria, a calm state of mind, and an uplifting mood.

All of these effects of cannabis can have a positive impact on your mental health by themselves. If you’re one of the many people who feel cannabis helps you have sex, or enjoy sex more, then there’s a good likelihood you’re reaping the health benefits of both cannabis, and a healthy sex life. 

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