Cannabis and Yoga

Cannabis and Yoga


An Intro To Cannabis and Yoga

Cannabis and yoga can be a great combination. Find out why yoga and weed go together so well. Learn how to add cannabis to your yoga practice, and hear what cannabis yoga instructors have to say about why they combine weed with yoga.

What is Cannabis Yoga?

Cannabis yoga is the art of incorporating cannabis into any yoga practice. This may be done alone, but there are many yoga instructors who teach cannabis yoga classes.

Can you Smoke Before Yoga?

You can smoke before yoga. You could also vape, take a dab, have an edible, or drop a tincture. All of these are ways to combine weed and yoga. 

Is it Ok To Do Yoga While High?

Yes, you can do yoga while high. If you’re new to combining marijuana and yoga, then consider these tips below.

How to Combine Marijuana and Yoga

– Start Slow

Choose a yoga routine you’re comfortable with. If you’re taking a yoga class, we recommend a bigger or intermediate class. This way, you can get used to how combining weed and yoga makes you feel.

– Low Servings

Lower servings of cannabis are better for starting. You can adjust as you go depending on how little or how much you feel is the right amount to consume for you.

– Keep a Journal

The best way to monitor what products and serving sizes are right for you is to track them. Use your favorite note app or a classic notebook and track what products you use, how much you consume, and how they make you feel. This will help you find the right balance for your endocannabinoid system.

Benefits of Yoga and Marijuana

Combining cannabis and weed is not a new concept. There are benefits to both marijuana and yoga, so combining to two can maximize those benefits.

– Reduces Pain

Consuming cannabis before exercises can help reduce pain enough to make exercise more tolerable, more enjoyable, or even possible.

– Improves Recovery

Consuming cannabis after exercise can reduce muscle soreness and improve recovery.

– Increases Focus

Cannabis helps some people calm down and focus more on being in the moment.

What Cannabis Yoga Instructors Have To Say

“Cannabis has become a new inclusion of my yoga practice over the past year and a half. Cannabis helps me clear my head and not overthink so much, which is what I often do. That paired with yoga has allowed me to indulge deeper in my meditation and asana practice. Muscles naturally tense up when going into a new or foreign movement and cannabis allows me to fully relax into even the more challenging poses. It’s been a great inclusion to my yoga practice.”

Cannabis and Yoga Instructor

– Dria Love, Yoga, and Fitness Instructor – Instagram


Cannabis and Yoga Teacher

“I have been combining cannabis and yoga since 2014. Practicing yoga after consuming cannabis has deepened my connection to myself, my body, and my spirit. It heightens my awareness, allowing me to tune in to parts of my body and mind I wasn’t able to before. The plant allows me to relax into postures and focus on my breath throughout practice. In this elevated state, I am better able to feel my body as a whole and quiet my mind. This plant has brought me peace.”

– Samantha Prock, Ganjasana Instructor – Instagram


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