Cannabis For Headaches

Cannabis for Headaches

Many people are consuming cannabis for headaches. Find out why people are choosing marijuana for headaches, and how to find the best cannabis products for headache relief.

Cannabis For Headaches Research

There is substantial research on marijuana for headaches and migraines. One scientific review of marijuana for headaches looked at 34 relevant research articles. Articles were selected using the keywords, “Cannabis,” “Medical Marijuana,” “Headache,” “Cannabis and Migraine,” and “Cannabis and Headache.”

The review article shows encouraging data on medicinal cannabis’s therapeutic effects on alleviating migraines in all of the studies reviewed.

One more interesting finding from the review is that marijuana was found effective for long-term and short-term headache relief.

Another separate study was conducted specifically on the short and long-term effects of marijuana on headaches. It too resulted in favor of consuming marijuana for headaches.

Study Highlights

– Headache and migraine ratings were reduced by nearly 50% after using cannabis.

– Men reported larger reductions in headaches after cannabis use than women.

– Cannabis concentrates were related to larger reductions in headaches than flower.

– Evidence for tolerance to the effects of cannabis on headaches and migraines was detected.

The Benefits of Cannabis for Headaches

According to the research on marijuana for headaches, these are the most common benefits.

– Reduces levels of pain intensity

– Decreases daily intake of pharmaceutical and OTC medications

– Decreases dependence on pharmaceutical and OTC medications

– Improved quality of life

– Better sleep cycles

How To Use Cannabis For Headaches?

You can use any marijuana product for headaches. As mentioned, one of the studies did conclude that cannabis concentrates reduce pain from headaches more than flower. There is anecdotal evidence from patients that indica flower strains can sometimes be more effective than sativa flower strains for headaches. However, this isn’t always the case for everyone, as our endocannabinoid system is very individualized.

You can also consume edibles for headaches. They don’t offer instant relief, but the effects can be more powerful and longer lasting.

Some people like the effects of THC for headaches, but not everyone. Many people find that CBD is good for migraines and headaches. A popular method of using CBD for headaches is with cannabis topicals. You can apply CBD balm to your temples, forehead, and neck area for headache relief.

When is Headache Awareness Month?

National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month (#MHAM) is in June. The month honors the headache and migraine communities. The purpose of the headache awareness month is to spread awareness for headache disorders to be recognized as neurobiological diseases.

It also encourages people with headaches to consult a physician for proper diagnosis and treatment. It is a time to teach  individuals with headache disorders about the various treatments available, like cannabis.

When is Headache Awareness Week?

National Headache Awareness Week is between June 5 and June 11. The entire week is dedicated to spreading research and awareness for the condition.

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