Cannabis for Health and Wellness

Cannabis has quickly gained legitimacy as a product promoting overall health and wellness. It’s touted as being a miracle drug, because of its ability to be applied to such a wide variety of medical conditions. CBD products are now even sold in major health and nutrition supplement stores like GNC and The Vitamin Shoppe. Even your local Walgreens and CVS are carrying some sort of CBD products on their shelves. This makes cannabis a hot topic of discussion among health and wellness practitioners, and those who keep their physical and mental wellbeing a top priority. 

With several medical applications to cannabis, many of which overlapping, like pain relief, inflammation reduction, and neuroprotection, it seems likely that consuming cannabis before getting diagnosed with a serious disease or illness may be a good idea. In medical only states, like Missouri, you still need a medical marijuana recommendation from a licensed physician, so talk to your doctor about what options you may have based on your current symptoms and any concerns you may have for your future health.

Since cannabis can be recommended in the treatment of so many medical conditions, it makes sense that consuming cannabis can also benefit the patient by working as a preventative medicine. A preventive medicine works to prevent diseases or disorders from occurring, or reoccurring. This is why patients diagnosed with things like epilepsy consume cannabis, first in the hopes to stop seizures from occurring, and then if it works to keep them under control, continued use is intended to stop seizures from reoccurring. Some of the anti-cancer properties of cannabis are also thought to work preventatively, helping reduce the chances of cancer returning once removed, or from forming in the first place.

A majority of studies on the health benefits of cannabis have been conducted on mice and other animals. More research on the effects of cannabis in humans needs to be conducted in order to conclusively say cannabis, or specific cannabinoids like THC or CBD, can be successfully used as a preventative medicine. 

However, the anecdotal evidence of first account reports from patients and other cannabis consumers is overwhelmingly in support of how successful cannabis is in helping people live healthier lives. A lot patients, from all walks of life, with a wide array of different conditions, discuss how cannabis helps relieve their symptoms. This symptom relief then allows them to live a better quality of life. Some patients even say it gives them the ability to take better care of themselves by giving them more energy, a stronger appetite, or better sleep.

Then there’s also accounts from major athletes in professional sports leagues like the NFL, the NBA, the UFC, and more, who have come out of the green closet about consuming cannabis as part of their health and wellness routines. The pain and anti-inflammatory benefits are great for athletes across different sports, and being a neuroprotectant is helpful for high contact sports where they see a lot of concussions or other traumatic brain injuries. 

Between helping everyday patients live better lives, to helping professional athletes perform and recover at the highest levels of competition, cannabis is clearly a winner when it comes to health and wellness. 

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