Cannabis For Sarcoma

Cannabis for Sarcoma

July is Sarcoma Awareness Month and we’re taking a close look at the benefits of cannabis for sarcoma.

What is Sarcoma?

Sarcoma is a type of cancer. The term sarcoma is used to describe a broad range of different cancer types that start in bones and soft tissues. Soft tissue sarcomas can include muscles, tendons, nerves, and blood vessels. Over 70 types of sarcoma exist and treatment depends on multiple factors.

Facts About Sarcoma

The American Cancer Society reports that over 13,000 people are diagnosed with new soft tissue sarcomas every year. More than 5,000 people are estimated to die from a soft tissue sarcoma each year.

The most common types of sarcoma in adults are:

– Undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma (previously called malignant fibrous histiocytoma)

– Liposarcoma

– Leiomyosarcoma

Can I Use Cannabis For Sarcoma?

In general, consuming marijuana for sarcoma can be beneficial. There is a great deal of anecdotal evidence from sarcoma patients who have endorsed the benefits of marijuana for sarcoma. One account, documented by the Sarcoma Foundation of America, says “I am a sarcoma survivor of over 4 years so far, & have been a high-THC cannabis user. My cancer started on my back & spread to the lungs about 2yrs ago, but we beat the beast back with a Paclitaxel treatment & a balanced ratio of cannabinoids.”

Cannabis and Sarcoma Research

Numerous studies have examined the effectiveness of cannabis on different cancers. One study suggested CBD to be a promising anti-cancer drug for multiple cancer types.

CBD and Sarcoma

One of the most referenced studies in regards to treating sarcoma with marijuana found positive results with CBD.

Researchers concluded CBD is  shown to inhibit tumor growth and induce cell death in virus affected cells.

Although this study was on CBD, THC can also be beneficial for sarcoma and other cancers.

Cannabis Oil for Sarcoma

Another study in Thailand observed the effects of cannabis oil on a sarcoma in a cat. Marijuana oil was administered by mouth, and sprayed around the the lump. As treatment continued, the size of the lump was reduced until it was completely gone.

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