How To Store Cannabis Flower

Discuss the different factors involved with storing cannabis properly, like temperature, humidity, and storage containers. Give tips for keeping your cannabis as fresh and potent as possible. 

You’ve been to the dispensary, or in other words, your favorite Terrabis location. You’ve talked to a patient care specialist who helped you pick out the perfect cannabis flower. You’ve taken it home, opened everything up, and now you’re enjoying the positive effects and symptom relief you purchased the cannabis for. You’re feeling good, but now you have to decide what to do with your flower. Where are you going to store it? How should you store it? What are you going to keep it in? It’s leafy, does it go in the fridge? All of these are good questions, and we’re going to get down to the bottom of it all by looking at some of the best ways to store cannabis.

The way you choose to store your cannabis flower can have several different effects on how long it will last, and how good it will be. Most people will consume what they buy within a month or more. For short term storage of cannabis flower it is best to be kept out of sunlight, in a dark and cool location. You want to avoid sunlight because of the UV rays. They can break down the compounds in cannabis, reducing potency. Cannabis doesn’t necessarily have an expiration date, but it can last up to a year without losing potency, as long as it’s stored properly.

Storing your cannabis at the right temperature is also another important factor for keeping your cannabis in good condition. You don’t want it too cold, because lower temps can slow the maturation process of the cannabinoids. You don’t want it too hot because heat can dry out the flower, which can loose precious cannabinoids and terpenes. The ideal temperatures for storing cannabis are between 77°F and 86°F. This makes keeping your cannabis in the fridge or freezer, not a good choice. 

Humidity is another storage factor to keep in mind, that can be somewhat difficult to control without some sort of humidor type storage product. Nevertheless, the best humidity ranges for cannabis is between 59% and 63%. This helps reduce any chances of mold or mildew growth, preserve the trichomes, and helps keep the flower as fresh as possible. 

The type of container you choose to store your cannabis in is one more important variable to keep in mind. Plastic bags and containers are not recommended for proper cannabis storage. Plastic can hold static electricity, which can cause trichomes to break off and remain stuck to the plastic. Mason jars, and other glass containers with air tight lids, make perfect containers for cannabis storage. You want to avoid overexposure to oxygen, because it will speed up the natural process of deterioration, helping to preserve your buds. For real long term storage, use of a vacuum sealer is recommended to reduce exposure to oxygen. 

Ultimately, the answers to the questions we started with, about how to store cannabis properly, are fairly simple. Definitely do not see it in the refrigerator or freezer. Use a sealable glass jar if possible. Keep it out of sunlight, and be mindful about the levels of humidity and ranges in temperature. If you follow these simple tips for storing cannabis properly, you’ll be in the best position to preserve the freshness and potency of your flower. 

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