Cannabis for Seniors

Cannabis for Seniors


Cannabis for seniors is a popular topic. Seniors are starting to consume more cannabis for medical conditions than ever before.

This is partly due to the increased medical needs associated with aging.  Easier access to medical cannabis with the passing of medical programs in new states has done a lot. There is a shift in societal perspective that is reducing the previously negative stereotypes associated with cannabis consumers. All of these reasons are making more common to hear there there is cannabis for seniors.

Breaking The Stigma of Cannabis for Seniors

We need to keep in mind that seniors grew up during the height of the war on drugs. Maybe you’re one of them. That era brought a load of misinformation about cannabis. Its use was associated with a negative stigma of laziness, stupidity, and even going crazy. Now that science has provided new light into the medical benefits of cannabis, the stigmas are fading.

Research on Cannabis for Seniors

There have been many published scientific research studies suggesting the successful use of cannabis as medicine in treating several health conditions. Many of the conditions and diseases medical cannabis has been shown to help with,  are ones prevalent throughout senior society. This makes sense, but how do we know more seniors are starting to accept cannabis?

78% of which, stated they were using cannabis for medical purposes only. 61% admitted to first trying cannabis as older adults, meaning 60 years or older.

One survey, published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, focused on adults aged 65 years or older. It concluded that half of those surveyed reported consuming cannabis on a daily or weekly basis.

This shows a growing trend for medical cannabis use among seniors, and also an increase in seniors who are experimenting with trying cannabis for the first time.

The medical conditions seniors seem to find cannabis use most therapeutic for, are reportedly pain and arthritis, difficulty sleeping, as well as issues with anxiety and depression.

Pain and arthritis are very common symptoms of several health conditions commonly affecting seniors, as is trouble sleeping, making medical cannabis a great choice for those seeking relief.

Many seniors are choosing cannabis over their current pharmaceutical medications to avoid complicated side effects.

Even over the counter medications like Advil and ibuprofen are known to have harsh side effects, causing harm to the stomach, intestines, and other organs. One of the main benefits to cannabis as medicine, is that there are very few side effects, and sometimes none at all other than relieving symptoms.

Senior Cannabis Products

Products like topicals and CBD only products are popular among the senior crowd for their ability to harness the medicinal benefits of cannabis, without giving you the high that cannabis is so well known for. This makes these products a great way to introduce cannabis to your parents, your grandparents, or yourself. Cannabis can potentially interact with other medications, so be sure to consult with your doctor before starting use.

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