How Cannabis can Help Recovery From Injury

Explain the benefits of cannabis for injury recovery and how they compare to current popular treatments like opioids, ending on where to start in choosing the right cannabis product for recovery.

Injuries are a natural part of life. Whether you get injured in an accident, playing sports, or as a result of old age, being injured isn’t fun for anyone. Some injuries are quick to heal, while others can require a long road to recovery, sometimes involving physical therapy. When you’re injured, life isn’t quite the same. Besides the potential pain of an injury, or lack of mobility, not being able to do the every day life activities you enjoy the most can be hard to handle. All of these are reasons why people aren’t just looking for how to recover from an injury, but how to recover from an injury fast. This is one way cannabis may be able to help.

Another main issue people with injuries have is the pain. Most injuries come with a great deal of pain. A majority of pain symptoms are often managed by opioid based pharmaceutical medications. Doctors have been trained to prescribe these when patients complain of pain. Unfortunately, these medications tend to come with a long list of negative health side effects. This is another opportunity where cannabis can help people recover from an injury.

We know, or have at least heard, cannabis is an effective tool in treating pain. Cannabis has been described as a safe and natural alternative pain medicine, especially when compared to the current opioid based medications that are so commonly prescribed. Both THC and CBD have been shown in studies to reduce pain symptoms in patients suffering from an assortment of injuries, diseases, or disorders. Pain is actually one of the number one symptoms medical cannabis is recommended for by physicians. 

Cannabis also works as an anti-inflammatory, which can help reduce any inflammation caused by injuries. This can reduce pain symptoms, and speed up the recovery process. In fact, CBD has been shown to help with bone growth and healing, suggesting a beneficial use in the treatment of broken bones and fractures. Cannabis has even been linked to improving our overall immune system, helping our bodies fight off infections. A healthy immune system  improves our overall health and wellness, which can lead to a speedier recovery. 

With evidence pointing to cannabis as an effective medication in helping people recover from injuries, you might be wondering where to start if you’re injured and looking for how to treat the pain, or speed up the recovery process. When it comes to choosing the right cannabis product for your pain or injury recovery, the best place to start is by talking with your patient care specialist about what strains or products they recommend. 

Since CBD is linked to bone health, products or strains with high CBD content are a good place to begin if you’re suffering from a bone injury. THC is often used for pain and to assist with restful sleep, which is a major part of the recovery process. Highly potent products like concentrates and edibles are a good way to ingest large doses of cannabinoids like THC or CBD, which can help if you have high levels of pain, or when micro and regular sized doses don’t seem to work well enough.

No matter what you choose, some form of cannabis should at least be considered in your recovery plan, and our patient care specialists at Terrabis are ready to show you what we have to offer to help you recover and get back to normal life. 

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