Top 10 Illicit Cannabis Strains

Illicit Cannabis Strains

After asking our staff and patients to tell us their favorite Illicit Cannabis Strains, we’ve compiled a Top 10 list! Ask about any of these fire Illicit Cannabis Strains on your next Terrabis adventure! (Illicit Cannabis strains will vary by store location.)

Top 10 Illicit Cannabis Strains

1. KC Kush

Lineage: [Kosher Dog] x [Stardawg]

This indica-dominant strain is calming, great for aches and pains, creating some yummy dishes in the kitchen and a restful night of sleep. Some great notes of earth and pine create a strong and delightful aromatic experience. You will def be returning for some Kansas City Kush.

2. Bruce Banner

Lineage: [OG Kush] x [Strawberry Diesel]

This homage to the comic book legend could turn even the Incredible Hulk into a mild-mannered everyman. It’s a powerfully relaxing hybrid, with Sativa-dominant genes that deliver a massive dose of THC. Bruce Banner originates from a cross between Ghost OG and Strawberry Diesel that makes this a holy grail of sorts for patients seeking the strongest high.

3. GMO Cookies

Lineage: [Girl Scout Cookies] x [Chemdog]

This strain produces relaxing affects you can feel through your body while your mind retains focus. GMO Cookies is loved for its ability to relieve stress and aches without total sedation, while featuring strong aromas like diesel, coffee, and fruit. GMO Cookies is said to be the perfect choice for treating those suffering from conditions such as chronic pain insomnia, inflammation, chronic fatigue, depression, and chronic stress.

4. Lemon Tree Punch

Lineage: [Lemon Tree] x [Purple Punch]

Lemon Tree Punch combines the sweet-and-sour tang of Lemon Tree and the fruity fragrance of Purple Punch. This variety smells strongly of lemon, grape, and berry, mixed with undertones of diesel fuel and wet soil. Lemon Tree Punch offers a rich flavor that is particularly complex. Depending on the phenotype, some plants may taste more of grape and berry, and others may be more citrusy.

5. Power Sherb

Lineage: [Sherb] x [Cookies & Cream IX3]

Be prepared to reach another level with this sweet, Indica dominant hybrid. Power Sherb is ideal for those seeking pain relief, with energy to brave the day. After a slight blast off, you return with a sedated clarity that guides your daily to-dos with ease. This Limonene dominant strain features in its lineage the one and only Girl Scout Cookies, combined with the classic genetics of Cookies and Cream. Connoisseurs will seek this strain out for its unique effects.

6. Gelato

Lineage: [Sunset Sherbet] x [Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies]

The euphoria-driven high of Gelato marijuana sets in quickly, which can be overwhelming to novice or first-time consumers, particularly those unaccustomed to the kind of psychedelic head rush characteristic of a sativa of this caliber. Free of worry and tension, with Gelato you’ll find yourself more comfortable in social settings – talkative, energetic, perhaps even the life of the party.

7. Purple Chem

Lineage: [Purple Punch] x [Stardawg]

Purple Chem is a cross of Stardawg and Purple Punch. Expect lemon-lime soda mixed with grape Flintstone’s vitamins. This is a great all-day cultivar that will elevate your mood and relieve stress. Purple Chemdawg, also known as Purple Chem, is a cultivar bred initially by the team at Cali Connection in Southern California. The breeders crossed Chem 91, a reinforced cross of the original Chemdawg, with a double-back-crossed Pre-98 Bubba male to tease out the best features of the two classic strains.

8. Ghost OG

Lineage: [Afghani] x [OG Kush]

Ghost OG, a cut of OG Kush, is a hybrid strain loved for its balanced cerebral and body effects. Often described as simultaneously potent and non-intrusive, Ghost OG has won itself Cup awards and renown among consumers. Despite its intimidating name, Ghost OG is actually a mellow, relaxing strain that’s great for recreational use. This is the strain to go to when you’re having a Netflix-and-Chill day at home. As an indica-dominant hybrid, Ghost OG can melt all your worries, stressors, and anxieties away and replace them with a soothing, peaceful experience. There’s nothing better than watching your

9. Strawberry Float

Lineage: [Afghani x Michigan Soda (Reported)] x [Cookies & Cream IX3]

A calm sedative with a euphoric buzz. Strawberry Float is perfect for either a lazy winter day, or a sip of sweetness in the middle of the hot summer. The balance of sweet and savory flavor is sure to induce ferocious appetites. The freakish amount of frost defines Strawberry Float, almost looking like a small layer of snow has fallen. On the bottom side of the bud, the crystals shines, highlighting its incredible structure.

10. Gorilla Pie

Lineage: [Jelly Pie] x [Gorilla Glue #4]

Gorilla Pie is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through crossing the delicious Gorilla Glue #4 X Jelly Pie strains. Infamous for its amazing flavor and heavy-hitting high, Gorilla Pie is a great choice for any hybrid lover who is looking for a high level of potency behind their bud. This bud has a super sweet and fruity grape pie flavor with hints of black pepper and diesel upon exhale. The aroma is very similar, with a fruity berry overtone that’s accented by spicy herbs and peppery dank diesel.

All information about Illicit Cannabis Strains provided by Illicit Gardens.

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