Missouri Cannabis Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Missouri Cannabis Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Check out these cannabis holiday gifts you can get in Missouri! Supporting local artists and businesses in Missouri is something we take great pride in at Terrabis. All of these items are made by local Missouri artists or sold by a local Missouri business. We wish you a fun holiday season full of adventure, and we hope you get everything on your cannabis holiday gift list!

Local Missouri Cannabis Gift Guide 2022

1. Local Missouri Bongs at Itsa_Bobo!

local missouri bong

The first on our list of local Missouri cannabis gifts is a glass piece by Springfield artist, itsa_bobo! We’ve partnered with her on several occasions for custom Terrabis pieces. Check out the current collection or request a custom piece of your own!

2. Local Missouri Cannabis Holiday Greeting Cards and More by MJ Bowie Art

MJ Bowie Art is operated by an independent artist in St. Louis, MO. They make a variety of cannabis art on different mediums, including cannabis holiday greeting cards! Be sure to to check out their gift shop for the full line up of dope products!

local missouri cannabis holiday greeting cards

3. Local Missouri Cannabis Ornaments & Jewelry at Shop Twisted Sis

Krystle and Mallory at ShopTwistedSis are based out of Kansas City. They make awesome cannabis themed ornaments and jewelry. We really like this Merry AF wooden ornament, and the new KC Kush earrings. Check out their instagram to view what’s in stock!

missouri cannabis ornament

4. Local Missouri Cannabis Art at Emily Million Studios

Emily Million is an international and award-winning artist in Springfield, MO. You’ve likely seen her murals in many locations around Missouri and she has a wonderful collection of cannabis art. “Changing the perception of cannabis and plant medicine through the power of art.”

local missouri cannabis art emily j million

5. Local Missouri Cannabis Magazine Subscription – The Evolution Magazine

The EVOLUTION Magazine is Missouri’s first medical cannabis magazine published monthly by native Kansas City, MO, advocates, publishers and writers. A true grassroots effort to educate and inform patients, to provide businesses within the Missouri cannabis industry an economical forum to tell their story. You can sign up for a 12 month subscription to be delivered straight to your door!

evolution magazine cannabis magazine missouri

6. Terrabis Swag!

Our local Missouri cannabis gift guide wouldn’t be complete without our brand new Terrabis swag! Beanies just dropped in stores this week, and we have our Sunrise Hoodies, Plant Person Mugs and Ts. Plus the tie dye LOVE Ts are back! Rep your adventurous cannabis spirit with any of our swag on social media and tag us @terrabis_hq for your chance to get featured on our feed and earn $5 in loyalty points! Available for purchase in store or online for pickup.

Terrabis Missouri Cannabis BeanieTerrabis Missouri Dispensary Swag

That’s it for this year’s Missouri cannabis holiday gift guide!

As always, wishing you a wonderful year full of fun adventures! Happy Exploring!

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