Top 5 Vibe Cannabis Strains

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Vibe Cannabis MissouriVibe Cannabis Strains

Top 5 VIBE Cannabis Strains

“We source exquisite genetics from exceptional breeders to cultivate your favorite VIBE inside our strains, balancing between potency and terpene profiles. Whether it’s relaxed, energetic, nostalgic, euphoric, confident, positive, bold, or chill…we have a strain for that.” – VIBE Cannabis

1. Baker’s Dozen Strain

VIBES – Insightful, Giggly, Euphoric

Baker’s Dozen is indica dominant hybrid from a cross between Milk & Cookies x Rainbow Chip. Zesty funk mixes with sweet pastry aromas to round out this delectable strain. Expect to feel an uplifting giggly euphoria followed by cozy relaxation.

2. Gelato Strain

VIBES – Thoughtful, Productive, Frisky

Gelato is a smooth, fruity hybrid strain that lives up to its hype. Across of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and Sunset Sherbert, Gelato has a fruit forward aroma with a thick, rich and heavy smoke.Our Sativa Dominant pheno packs a psychedelic punch strain packs a punch, leaving your thoughts fruitful, your body active, and your vibes excellent.

3. Chem Reserve Strain *Staff Pick

VIBES – Uplifting, Wrecked, Euphoric

Chem Reserve is a gassy sativa dominant hybrid, reserved for the most refined of flower palates. This bud’s smooth and sultry smoke fills the mouth and nostrils with diesel-like pungency.A Chem powerhouse, Chem Reserve isn’t for the faint of heart; its intense effects can wreak delightful havoc on mind, body, and vibe.

*Staff Review: Very earthy and pungent. Chem Reserve produces a super cerebral high. Effects are sort of foggy, heady, and stoney. Trichomes are immaculate under a jeweler’s loupe.

4. Cake Mix Strain

VIBES – Lifting, Dynamic, Creative

Cake Mix is an indica dominant hybrid, approximately 60% indica and 40% sativa, created through a potent cross of two well-known cake strains:Wedding Cake x London Pound Cake. Each toke brings on flavors of sweet, nutty cake accented by touches of fruity cherries and creamy citrus.

5. Ice Cream Social Strain *Staff Pick

VIBES – Relaxing, Unwinding, Chill

Ice Cream Social is a frosty indica dominate strain possessing an aroma of rich, sweetened cake drenched in fuel and topped with undertones of overripe fruit. This potent strain is a cross between Ice Cream Cake x Prom Queen strains, which deliver on flavor and effects. True to its namesake,Ice Cream Social, is a vibe best enjoyed with friends.

*Staff Review: The best! Ice Cream Social is a party for the mouth. It is an all-around immersive terpy experience. The bud’s trichomes are superb. The terpene profile is very pungent with a sweet smooth taste when smoked.

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