How to Qualify for 22% Veteran Discount

22% Veteran Discount

Every dispensary in Missouri has the option to offer a veteran discount. At Terrabis, we offer qualifying veterans a 22% veteran discount on full-priced products. It’s our way of saying thank you for your service. We understand that our nation’s veterans face many challenges when returning to civilian life. Access to affordable medicine should not be one of them.

How to Qualify for the 22% Veteran Discount

Qualifying for your veterans discount at Terrabis is easy. All you need to do is bring in your government-issued military identification or other proof of military service. This can include a VA card, military ID, or other government document showing military service. Show your documentation at your time of purchase and take advantage of 22% off full-priced products.

Current Veteran & Cannabis Federal Legislation Pending

Veterans are allowed to consume cannabis without losing V.A. benefits. However, V.A. doctors are prohibited from assisting veterans with completing medical marijuana recommendations. This could end soon though, with the passing of new legislation at the federal level.

The Veterans Medical Marijuana Safe Harbor Act (S. 1183 / HR 2588) was introduced to the Senate and the House in April of 2021. If passed, the bill will expand medical marijuana access to military veterans. It will also allow V.A. doctors to discuss medical marijuana.

Cannabis & Veterans Research

There has been a lot of research uncovering the benefits of cannabis for veterans. One study that took place in New Mexico between 2009 and 2011 concluded that cannabis reduces PTSD symptoms in some patients. Patients in the study who consumed cannabis reported a more than 75% reduction in Clinician Administered Posttraumatic Scale symptom scores. 

More recent research out of Canada studied 24,089 patients. They concluded that cannabis was found to reduce “the association between post-traumatic stress disorder and severe depressive and suicidal states”. This means cannabis can help veterans suffering from depression or suicidal thoughts. These are two reasons why veterans are choosing cannabis.

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