Cannabis Gummies for Grown Ups

cannabis gummies for grown ups

Cannabis gummies are a top-selling item for grown ups of all ages. With the advances of cannabis extraction and product manufacturing, cannabis gummies are sophisticated and fun! They also pack a lot of medicinal value in every little bite. Below you’ll find information about all these gummies for grown ups, as well as some of the amazing brands we carry.

What Are Cannabis Gummies?

A cannabis gummy is just like any other gummy you may be used to. They’re like gummy vitamins. The primary difference being that they’re full of cannabinoids instead of vitamins. You can get ones with THC, CBD, combinations of the two, as well as ones with other cannabinoids, like CBG.

How Are Cannabis Gummies Made?

Gummies are made by adding cannabis concentrates into the gummy recipe. Each brand has their own unique  recipes. Most infused gummy recipes are going to be flavored like a fruit. Some of them come in sour flavors for an extra zing!

We’re proud to carry some of the best cannabis gummies in Missouri!

Honeybee Gumdrops

Honeybee Gumdrops

Honeybee makes several types of cannabis edibles. They recently were recently voted Best Cannabis Edible in St. Louis, Missouri by the Riverfront Times! With flavors like Black Cherry Cola, Blood Orange Strawberry, and Mango Chili, they’re  sure to please any palate.

Robhots Gummies

Robhots Gummies

Then there’s Robhots gummies. They come in a variety of deliciously fun flavors! Robhots has Tropical, Fruit, and Reds packs that contain multiple flavors. They also carry Night-Time and Day-Time formulas so you can enjoy them in the morning or before bed.

Wana Brands

Wana Brands Gummies

Next is Wana Brands. They are one of the most well-known gummies in the United States. They have several flavors and are one of the few vegan cannabis gummies on the market. Their product line includes Sour Gummies that will have more than just your taste buds buzzing!

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