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Things To Know About 420 in Missouri

When it comes to 420 in Missouri, we have a lot to celebrate! There are lots of 420 parties in […]



Cannabis In Ireland

St. Patrick’s Day is only a couple of days away and we’re looking at facts about cannabis in Ireland! This […]

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Best Missouri Strains for Spring

Spring is in the air and adventure awaits! We rounded up the Top 10 Best Missouri Strains for Spring that […]

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Best Cannabis Products for Valentine’s Day

Love yourself with the best cannabis products for Valentine’s Day! ❤️ We’ve collected all of our best Valentine’s Day themed […]


Sign The Legal MO 22 Petition at Terrabis

We have joined the Legal MO 2022 campaign! Help us support Legal MO 2022 to gather over 172,000 valid signatures […]


Dispensary Rewards & Refer A Friend

Raise your hand if you like dispensary rewards! Earn dispensary rewards at Terrabis to save money on your favorite products. […]

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Best Cannabis Products For New Years

The Best Cannabis Products for New Years are here! We’re celebrating the New Year and we’ve selected some of Missouri’s […]


Terrabis Terpene Guide

CLICK HERE to download the Terrabis Terpene Guide!

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Top 10 Cannabis Strains for Winter

Get ready for the Top 10 Cannabis Strains for Winter! We’re halfway through December and we rounded up our top […]


Honey Infused Brownies

Everyone loves an infused brownie! These honey infused brownies uses infused Sweet Stone Honey by Heartland Labs. The infused honey […]

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Holiday Gift Guide

The Terrabis Holiday Gift Guide Welcome to The Terrabis Holiday Gift Guide! The entire team at Terrabis is in the […]


Kansas City Grand Opening!

Celebrate the Terrabis Kansas City Grand Opening with us December 3rd & December 4th!?with festivities between 11am and 4pm! ? […]


Cannabis Infused Pumpkin Pie Recipe

How to Make Cannabis Infused Pumpkin Pie Thanksgiving is a time for family and food. Cannabis infused pumpkin pie can […]


Talking to Your Children About Cannabis

If you’re a parent who consumes cannabis, then talking to your children about cannabis is likely to happen. Are you […]


Terrabis Kansas City Dispensary Open

Terrabis Kansas City Dispensary Now Open We are absolutely thrilled to open our fifth location in Missouri, with its new […]


How to Qualify for 22% Veteran Discount

Every dispensary in Missouri has the option to offer a veteran discount. At Terrabis, we offer qualifying veterans a 22% […]


Hazelwood Customer Appreciation Event

Come see us for a Customer Appreciation Event on Saturday, November 6th  at Terrabis in Hazelwood! Join us this Saturday […]


Trick-Or-Treat Common Cannabis Myths

Halloween is Here! It’s that time of year again, and Halloween is right around the corner. The spooky season brings […]

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Best Cannabis Products For Halloween

It’s Halloween Week and people are dying to get their hands on Terrabis’s best cannabis products for Halloween! (Cue the […]


Cannabis Gummies for Grown Ups

Cannabis gummies are a top-selling item for grown ups of all ages. With the advances of cannabis extraction and product […]


Springfield Grand Opening Celebration

Celebrate with us October 22nd & October 23rd at our ?Springfield MO Grand Opening Celebration?with festivities between 12pm and 6pm! […]

Events, New

Fall Patient Registration Event

  Come see us for a Fall Patient Registration Event on Saturday, October 16th  at Terrabis in Hazelwood! We will […]


Does Cannabis Help With Allergies?

A lot of people with seasonal allergies ask us, “Does cannabis help with allergies”? Since allergies can be very specific […]

Events, New

Terrabis Opens Dispensary in Springfield, MO

Terrabis Opens Dispensary in Springfield, MO Friday, September 17th marks the day that we will be opening our dispensary in […]

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Begin Your Medical Card Journey

How do you know if you qualify for your medical card? Qualifying Conditions Cancer Epilepsy Glaucoma Intractable migraines HIV/AIDS Severe […]


Dispensary Near STL Airport: Hazelwood

Are you searching for a cannabis dispensary near the STL Airport? You’ve found us! Terrabis Hazelwood is located just minutes […]


Dispensary Near Me: Creve Coeur

If you find yourself asking, “What’s a dispensary near me in Creve Coeur?”, then you’ve come to the right place. […]


Cannabis Dispensary Near Me: O’Fallon

Cannabis Dispensary Near Me: O’Fallon! Are you searching for a cannabis dispensary near you in O’Fallon? You’ve found us! We […]

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710 Savings Event

Terrabis 710 Savings Event!! July 8-10. Celebrate Oil Day with special deals on concentrates and select cartridges, plus extra celebration […]


Firecracker Savings Event!! July 2 – July 10

Celebrate our Nation’s Birthday with some fireworks of your own! Save Big This Independence Day!! Holiday Hours July 4th Only […]


Everyone Saves!

Terrabis welcomes our brand new store in Hazelwood by offering Grand Opening Celebration Specials in Hazelwood & O'Fallon, starting this Friday, June 18 through Sunday, June 27!


Grand Opening – Buy More Save More Event

We’re only ONE WEEK AWAY from our GRAND OPENING in O’Fallon! Join us as we celebrate on May 21st, 22nd, and 23rd! Doors open at 11am until 7pm, with festivities between 12pm-6pm!


O’Fallon Dispensary Opening Day Product Spotlight

Patients will have a great selection of medical products to choose from, including flower from Flora Farms and products by CLOVR, Keef, Robhots, and Wana Brands! See the full list...


Cannabis in the World of Social Media

An overview of how cannabis is treated in the world of social media.

Education, Health+Wellness

Choosing the Right Cannabis Oil

How to choose the right cannabis oil.


Terrabis Dispensary Coming to O’Fallon, Missouri

A new cannabis experience is coming to O’Fallon, Missouri!


An Introduction to Cannabis Tinctures

Educating all about cannabis tinctures.


Anatomy of a Cannabis Plant

Describe the anatomy of cannabis plants.


What is CBD?

Educating about CBD.

Education, Health+Wellness

What is THC?

Educating about THC.

Education, Health+Wellness

How Cannabis is Fighting the Opioid Epidemic

The details about how cannabis is helping fight the opioid epidemic.


The Differences in Dosages

Explain the differences between dosages of different types of cannabis products.


What is CBN?

Educating about CBN.


What is CBG?

Educating about CBG.


What are Cannabinoids?

Educating about cannabinoids.

Education, Social Equity

Careers in Cannabis

Overview of careers available in the cannabis industry.

Education, Health+Wellness

Cannabis for Health and Wellness

Discuss different ways cannabis can improve health and wellness.

Athletes, Education, Health+Wellness

Cannabis for Pain Relief

How cannabis can help treat pain.


What is a Cannabis Clone?

Education about cannabis clones.


Picking Out The Best Vape Pen

Explain the differences between common vape pens available and how to choose the right one for you.


Choosing Between Cannabis Concentrates

Explain the differences between common concentrates available and how to choose the right one for you.

Education, Health+Wellness

Cannabis for Migraines

Discuss how cannabis can help treat migraines.

Education, Health+Wellness

Cannabis for PTSD

Educated about the benefits of cannabis for PTSD.


The History of Cannabis

Educate about the history of cannabis.

Education, Social Equity, Veterans

Why Boomers are Buying Cannabis

Discuss why baby boomers are buying cannabis.


Boosting Your Immune System with Cannabis

Discuss how cannabis boosts the immune system.


What are Cannabis Flavonoids?

Educate all about flavonoids.


What’s That Smell? It’s Terpenes!

What’s That Smell? It’s Terpenes!


Cannabis for Sleep

How cannabis can help with sleep.


How Cannabis can Help Recovery From Injury

Discuss how cannabis can help people recover from injuries.


Cannabis for Anxiety

How cannabis can help with anxiety.

Education, Health+Wellness

Cannabis for Menstrual Pain

How cannabis can help with menstrual pain.


Cannabis and Couples

Discuss how cannabis can help couples.


Cannabis and Parenting

All about cannabis and parenting.

Education, Health+Wellness

Cannabis and Sex

Educate about the benefits of cannabis for sex and overall reproductive health.

Education, Health+Wellness

Cannabis and Moms

All about cannabis and moms.


Cannabis for Terminally Ill Patients

How cannabis can help terminally ill patients.


All You Need To Know About Microdosing

All You Need to Know About Microdosing Cannabis


Cannabis for Traumatic Brain Injury

How cannabis can help with traumatic brain injuries.


Cannabis for Back Pain

Educate about the benefits of cannabis for back pain.


The Medical Benefits of Cannabis

Educate about the most well known and studied medical benefits of cannabis.


The Position Cannabis Plays in Sports

Educating about cannabis in different sports.


The Difference Between Isolate and Full Spectrum

Education about isolates, broad and full spectrum products.


How To Store Cannabis Flower

Tips for properly storing cannabis flower.


Cannabis for Beginners

An introduction to cannabis for first time consumers.

Health+Wellness, Veterans

Cannabis for Seniors

Overview of cannabis consumption among seniors.

Education, Product Showcase

Cannabis Tools of the Trade

Guide to all the main tools used in cannabis consumption.

Education, Health+Wellness

How to Get A Medical Marijuana Card in Missouri

Guide to getting your med card in Missouri.

Education, Health+Wellness

An Introduction to Cannabis Topicals

Educating all about topical cannabis

Education, Health+Wellness

Cannabis for Epilepsy

How cannabis helps patients with epilepsy.

Athletes, Health+Wellness

Working Out With Cannabis

What you need to know about cannabis and exercise.

Education, Health+Wellness

Smoking vs Vaping

Explain the differences between smoking and vaping.


Is Cannabis Legal in Missouri?

Cannabis legalization in Missouri


Indica, Sativa, Hybrids Explained

Indica, Sativa, and Hybrids are potential indicators for how a product may make you feel.