Cannabis Tools of the Trade

Guide to all the main tools of the trade used in cannabis consumption.

Cannabis is often referred to as a tool within a medical toolbox, used to treat certain medical conditions and provide you with a better quality of life. Although cannabis may be a tool itself, consuming cannabis comes with a long list of actual tools used to store, prepare, and consume cannabis. We’re going to look at some of the most common tools cannabis consumers use when consuming.


The idea of someone a joint often comes to mind when people mention smoking cannabis. Joints are basically cannabis cigarettes, rolled full of cannabis flower. They can be rolled in traditional rolling papers or wraps, which are usually made of hemp or another smokeable material. 


Cones are empty prerolled papers, often with a filter, that you can just fill with cannabis flower and smoke without having to roll it yourself. You can also purchase prerolled joints, which come rolled and ready to light.


Pipes are classic cannabis tools of the trade. They are a very simple and easy way to consume your cannabis flower. Bongs are water pipes, where the bottom of the bowl is submerged in water, and you inhale through the top, inhaling the smoke up through the water. You might prefer a water pipe or bong if you feel the smoke from cannabis is too rough. People report the smoke feeling smoother since it’s filtered through the water. 

One hitters

One hitters, which are often more like two or three hitters, are very small pipes that allow you to consume just a little bit of cannabis flower at a time. This can sometimes help you if you only want to consume small doses of cannabis flower at a time. One hitters come by themselves, but they’re also often paired with dugouts. Dugouts are small cases that hold your one hitter on one side, and you can store ground cannabis flower on the other side for easy access.


Smoking cannabis flower isn’t the only way to consume. Some people prefer to vaporize instead of smoke. A lot of people do this using a vaporizer pen that contains cartridges full of cannabis infused oil. You can also use a dab rig, which is a vaporizing device you heat manually with a torch before applying your cannabis concentrate.

Handling a torch can seem intimating to some people, and that’s why the e-nail was invented. An e-nail is an electronically heated device used to consume cannabis concentrates. One of the benefits of e-nails is being able to control the temperature of your concentrate more precisely.

Another way to vaporize cannabis flower and concentrates is to use what is commonly referred to as a volcano, or other similar device. These are used to heat the cannabis flower without actually burning it. This process extracts the cannabinoids from the flower, inflating a large plastic bag with what looks like just air. Once ready, you remove the bag from the device and inhale from the bag, giving you all the medicinal benefits of cannabis, without any of the smoke. 


A grinder is a common accessory used to grind down cannabis flower. The ground flower can then be rolled or smoke out of one of the devices mentioned above. This saves your fingers from getting sticky with resin if you try to manually grind the flower with your fingers. Some grinders have several filter layers that catch different sizes of kief, which are the practically microscopic trichomes of the cannabis flower that contain potent cannabinoids like THC and CBD, as well as terpenes. 

We carry several accessories for your to choose from at our dispensaries, so the next time you’re in your favorite Terrabis location, talk to your patient care specialist about what tools are best for your needs and preferences.

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