Is Cannabis Legal in Missouri?

Is Cannabis Legal in Missouri_

So you’re asking yourself, is cannabis legal in Missouri? We have all the answers about Missouri’s cannabis laws and cannabis legalization in Missouri.

The simple answer is yes. Medical marijuana is legal in Missouri.

Legal “weed” in Missouri, as some might call it, has been around since 2018.

Missouri’s Medical Marijuana Laws

The Missouri Medical Marijuana Program is regulated by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services. They are the best resource for the most current medical marijuana laws in Missouri. Here is the MO DHSS Medical Marijuana in Missouri Patient Information Booklet for your reference. More information about Missouri’s medical marijuana laws for patients can be found here.

Does Missouri Have Recreational Dispensaries?

No. Missouri does not have recreational dispensaries at this time.

Can You Go Into a Dispensary Without a Card in Missouri?

No. You need a Missouri medical marijuana patient ID card to purchase from any Missouri medical cannabis dispensary.

History of Cannabis Laws in Missouri

Cannabis in Missouri is legalized for medical use only. Missouri legalized medical marijuana in 2018 through a ballot initiative called Amendment 2. The amendment was passed in November of 2018 and amended the Missouri state constitution legalizing medical marijuana. The first legal cannabis sales in Missouri started in October 2020.

It is legal to purchase medical cannabis in Missouri at a licensed Missouri medical marijuana dispensary. You need to be registered as a Missouri medical marijuana patient to legally purchase marijuana at Missouri dispensaries. Learn more about getting your Missouri medical marijuana card here.

Missouri’s Medical Marijuana Possession Laws

Patients are authorized to possess no more than a 60 day supply of marijuana at any given time, unless authorized for more by a qualifying physician. The state of Missouri defines a 60 day supply as four ounces of dried marijuana flower, or its equivalent. One ounce of dried, unprocessed marijuana is equivalent to eight grams of concentrate or 800 milligrams of THC in infused products.

Where Can You Consume Medical Marijuana in Missouri?

When it comes to consuming medical marijuana in Missouri, patients are prohibited from consuming in public. This can include any location open to the general public. You are allowed to transport your medical marijuana within the state, like in your vehicle, as long as it is within the limits of possession.

Can You Drive With Cannabis in Missouri?

Driving under the influence of medical marijuana in Missouri is prohibited. Having an approved patient identification card does not exempt you or protect you from any laws regarding the operation of motorized vehicles and machinery. 

Does Missouri’s Medical Marijuana Laws Allow for Reciprocity?

No, Missouri’s medical marijuana laws do not allow for reciprocity. Out of state residents who have an approved medical marijuana patient card from another state are not permitted to purchase medical marijuana in Missouri. Only Missouri residents, with approved Missouri medical marijuana cards, are allowed to purchase and possess medical cannabis in Missouri.

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