Talking to Your Children About Cannabis

Talking To Your Children About Cannabis

If you’re a parent who consumes cannabis, then talking to your children about cannabis is likely to happen. Are you ready to have that conversation? The conversation is sure to differ between parenting styles. Maybe you’ve already talked to your children about cannabis. Whether you’re considering having the conversation for the first time, or you’ve already talked about it, we have some tips that can make it easier.

Tips for Talking To Your Children About Cannabis

1. Start by asking them what they already know. Misinformation is everywhere so this is the best place to start. Finding out what they already know about cannabis, whether it’s related to the stigma or facts, lets you know what you’ll need to educate them about. Take the time to listen to their thoughts. Ask questions about what they tell you to get better understanding of what they know.

2. Once you find out what they know, use that as the starting place to begin educating by correcting any misinformation and filling an any gaps. If what they know is related to the  negative stigma or stereotypes we all know aren’t true, explain the importance of cannabis as a medicine, and relate it to other medicines they may be familiar with, like allergy or cold medicine.

3. Talk about the laws regarding cannabis in your state. For example, in Missouri, cannabis is legal as long as you have a medical recommendation from a doctor and a state issued  medical card. This is a good time to talk about how some states have legalized cannabis  for adults without a medical card.

4. Go into detail about the types of people cannabis can help, including children with medical conditions. Talk about how young children who are prescribed cannabis are most likely taking oils, tinctures, or edibles, instead of smoking.

5. Always leave the conversation open. Let your kids know that if they have any new  questions about cannabis, you’ll be happy to answer them.

In the end, being open and honest is the key to having a productive conversation with your kids about cannabis. Cannabis and parenting can sometimes be tough, but it doesn’t have to be. By telling your children the truth you can help them understand that cannabis is a medicine. This will not only educate them for the future, but also keep them safe by helping remove any curiosities they may have.

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