Best Dispensary in Grayville, IL

Best Dispensary in Grayville, IL

The best dispensary in Grayville, IL is easily Terrabis! The Terrabis dispensary in Illinois offers a one-of-a-kind Illinois cannabis store experience. Every time you adventure in to the Terrabis dispensary in Grayville, Illinois you get to explore Illinois’ best cannabis strains and products. All it takes is one adventure, and you won’t need to  search for a dispensary near me Grayville, IL ever again!

Is There a Recreational Marijuana Dispensary in Grayville, IL?

Yes, there is a recreational marijuana dispensary in Grayville, IL! Terrabis is proud to be the premier cannabis dispensary in Illinois. We offer a wide selection of top-rated recreational marijuana products in Illinois.

Terrabis Grayville, IL Dispensary Address: 105 Koehler Road Grayville, IL 62844

Is Recreational Marijuana Legal in Grayville, IL?

Yes, recreational marijuana is legal in Grayville, IL. As of January 1, 2020, adults over 21 in the state of Illinois can legally purchase cannabis for recreational purposes at licensed dispensaries. This is due to the passing of HB 1438 – The Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act of Illinois.

Illinois Recreational Dispensary Laws

Possession Limits for Illinois Residents:

  • Up to 30 grams of cannabis flower
  • No more than 5 grams of cannabis concentrate
  • A maximum of 500 milligrams of THC contained in a cannabis-infused product

Possession Limits for Non-Illinois residents:

  • 15 grams of cannabis flower is the limit
  • 2.5 grams of concentrated cannabis products allowed
  • No more than 250 milligrams of THC contained in any cannabis-infused product

Is There a Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Grayville, IL?

No, there is not a medical marijuana dispensary in Grayville, IL. Terrabis is a recreational cannabis dispensary in Grayville, IL. We do not sell Illinois medical marijuana strains or products. As a recreational dispensary in Illinois, all of the products at Terrabis Grayville are for adults aged 21+. We are not currently serving medical cannabis in Grayville.

Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Grayville, IL?

Yes, medical marijuana is legal in Grayville, IL. However, Terrabis is only a recreational dispensary in Illinois and not a medical dispensary. We do not offer medical cannabis products at our Grayville cannabis store.

Where Can I Find Cannabis Dispensaries Near Me in Grayville, IL?

Searching for cannabis dispensaries near me in Grayville, IL is easy! We are located on Koehler St, right in between Gillard’s Hardware and Curb Appeal Car Wash. Terrabis Grayville is also right next to the Worth The Drive Driving Range and the Grayville I-64 KOA Holiday Campground.

What Are The Closest Dispensaries Near Me Grayville, Illinois?

People searching for the closest dispensaries near me Grayville, Illinois are going to find the Terrabis cannabis store located directly in Grayville. The Terrabis dispensary in Illinois is conveniently located on Koehler road, off of Interstate 64 at Exit 130, just past Skeeter the Mountain Rest Area & Illinois Welcome Center. Then you drive past the Super 8 by Wyndham Grayville and the Road Ranger Truck Stop.

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