Cannabis Advertising Precedent Set in Indiana

Terrabis Dispensary Sets Precedent for Cannabis Advertising in Indiana

A new precedent for cannabis advertising in Indiana has been set by Terrabis.

GRAYVILLE, IL – July 26, 2023 – Terrabis, the Midwest’s premier dispensary and product manufacturer, has announced its decision to voluntarily add a disclaimer to its billboard advertisement located on I-64 in Indiana. This move comes after Lamar Advertising received a letter from the Outdoor Advertising Association of Indiana (OAAI), expressing the concerns of State Senator Blake Doriot (R-Goshen) and the Indiana General Assembly.

The company was informed that the association board of directors voted to voluntarily put the disclaimer on NEW vinyls installed on Indiana billboards for businesses advertising items for sale in other states such as cannabis products that are not legal in Indiana.

Cannabis Advertising

The new disclaimer reads as follows: “WARNING: products may not be legal to possess or consume in Indiana.” The addition of this disclaimer is a voluntary action taken by Terrabis in response to suggestions put forward by the OAAI. Although voluntary, the letter expressed encouragement to follow suit, stating that there is interest in the Indiana General Assembly to mandate such language if not done voluntarily.

Outdoor Cannabis Advertising

The letter stated that Senator Blake Doriot expressed his approval of the disclaimer, provided it is large enough for consumers to read while driving by the billboards. The association was told that he appreciated the OAAI’s proactive stance and willingness to cooperate, stating he can now inform concerned citizens that the association is addressing the issue at his request.

Terrabis’s decision to add the disclaimer demonstrates the company’s commitment to responsible advertising and its respect for state laws, even when they differ from those in states where their dispensaries are located.

Cannabis Advertising in Indiana

CEO of Terrabis, Dan Ambrosino, stated, “We are happy to comply with these new voluntary requirements for advertising our Illinois dispensary on I-64 in Indiana. We believe it’s important to respect the laws and sentiments of every state we operate near, even as we continue to advocate for the benefits and legalization of cannabis.”

Cannabis Advertising Precedent in Indiana

This cooperative approach sets a precedent in the cannabis industry and showcases Terrabis’s dedication to operating with transparency, responsibility, and community engagement.

About Terrabis: Terrabis is a premier cannabis dispensary operator with locations across multiple states. The company strives to offer quality cannabis products while advocating for the benefits and responsible use of cannabis.

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