What Adult Use Marijuana in Missouri Means for 2023

What Adult-Use Marijuana in Missouri Means for 2023

Adult-use marijuana in Missouri is coming and we’re continuing to get questions about what it means for 2023. Missourians voted for adult-use cannabis in Missouri and passed Amendment 3 in November of 2022. The new laws regarding adult-use cannabis in Missouri took effect on December 8, 2022.

Although the new marijuana laws in Missouri are in effect, dispensaries in Missouri are still limited to medical sales until receiving approval from the state.

Here are the top 5 questions we’re still getting about recreational marijuana in Missouri. 

1. When Can I Buy Adult-Use Marijuana in Missouri?

The state of Missouri could issue permits for recreational marijuana sales any time between Dec 8th and Feb 8th.

2. Where Can I Buy Adult-Use Marijuana in Missouri?

You will be able to buy adult-use cannabis in Missouri at all of our Terrabis locations, once we have approval from the state. We will make announcements in advance as to when Terrabis will be selling adult use cannabis in Missouri.

3. How Much Adult-Use Marijuana Can I Buy in Missouri?

Persons over the age of 21 will be able to purchase up to 3oz of dried, unprocessed marijuana product (flower), or its equivalent, at one time.

4. Who Can Buy Adult-Use Marijuana in Missouri?

Anyone over the age of 21, with a valid, unexpired government-issued photo ID will be able to buy recreational marijuana in Missouri.

5. Will Terrabis Have Specials for Medical Marijuana Patients in Missouri?

Yes. We are launching a new, all inclusive, medical marijuana discount program starting in 2023. All medical marijuana patients who shop at Terrabis will receive a 10% medical discount, and we will have a special line for med patients when adult-use begins.

These are just the top 5 questions we’re getting. See here for a full list of Missouri Adult Use Cannabis FAQs.

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