Best Cannabis Concentrates in Missouri

Best Cannabis Concentrates in Missouri

Terrabis Only Sources The Best Cannabis Concentrates in Missouri

We carry the best cannabis concentrates in Missouri, as part of our commitment to being Missouri’s best dispensary. From badder to budder, sugar, wax, and honeycomb, we carry all of the best Missouri marijuana concentrate brands.

Our experts rounded up the top 8 Missouri cannabis concentrates. Concentrate strains and types of concentrates vary by location. If you’re new to marijuana concentrates, we recommend checking out our guide for Choosing Between Cannabis Concentrates.

Use the guide to learn about the different types of concentrates and how to pick out the right type for you.

Are Cannabis Concentrates Legal in Missouri?

Yes, cannabis concentrates and marijuana extracts are legal in Missouri for licensed medical marijuana patients.

Top 8 Missouri Cannabis/Marijuana Concentrates

1. Banana OG Live Badder by Proper Cannabis

Live resin badder and diamonds are basically the same, except their post-processing varies. While diamonds take an extended amount of time to grow, badder is the opposite. By constantly agitating the concentrate, they’re able to very quickly create tiny diamonds until they reach the desired concentration. An average badder takes roughly 24 hours to create.

2. Bubba Fresh Live Sugar by Headchange

Granular almost sugar-like consistency, easy to scoop. Rich in aroma and packed full of flavor. The small crystalline structures are pure THCA and provide a powerful Head Change. This product offers the same premium experience as their Diamonds and Sauce but is easier to dab.

3. Katsu Bubba Budder by Teal

If you prefer vaporizing cannabis oil your own way, then teal cannabis concentrates are exactly what you’re looking for. “We have a deep respect for the therapeutic properties of botanicals and are proud to deliver their benefits in easy-to-use formats to Missourians. Our high-quality cannabis products are carefully crafted with patient well-being and safety as the cornerstone of our operation.”

4. Star Dawg Badder by Galactic Meds

Galactics Meds badders have small granular THCa crystals with a high terp content. They provide a nice balance of flavor and potency. Its consistency is much like cake badder.

5. Gelato Sugar by Vivid

Vivid is known for making some of the best cannabis concentrates in Missouri. These strain-specific cannabis extracts may vary by strain or season, but never waver in their bold taste and effect. Full-spectrum terpene and cannabinoid profiles deliver the ultimate effect for experienced users.

6. Lilac Diesel Live Wax by Good Day Farms

“At Good Day Farm, we believe in the right to pursue a GOOD day and, ultimately, a GOOD life. For us, this means providing the best plant medicine possible to support patients in this pursuit. Our products are grown with love and developed with care, always keeping GOOD people in mind.”

7. Jasmine Thai Shatter by Double Bear Concentrates

Double Bear is quickly becoming one of the best marijuana concentrates in Missouri. Find big, bold flavor and maximum potency, all inside this tiny box. A variety of options curated specifically for you.

8. Love Affair x Blue Cheese Honeycomb by Heartland Labs

Heartland Labs is a licensed medical marijuana manufacturer located in the small town of Buffalo, Missouri. This cannabis concentrate is a mix of two classic strains. With a pungent aroma that packs hints of sweet cheese and strong effects,  concentrate connoisseurs in Missouri will be highly pleased.

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