Best Cannabis Products for Memorial Day

Best Cannabis Products for Memorial Day

Finding the best cannabis products for Memorial Day is easy thanks to our list!

Memorial Day is a time for remembering the brave lives that have been lost while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. Many of us use this holiday as a time to celebrate the freedom for which those men and women sacrificed their lives. We do this in honor and remembrance of those who we’ve lost.

No matter how you observe Memorial Day, these marijuana products are sure to help you celebrate however you choose.

5 Best Cannabis Products for Memorial Day

1. Keef Drinks

Best Cannabis Drinks for Memorial Day

Keef makes some of the best cannabis infused drinks in Missouri! With classic Keef flavors, like Orange Kush, Blue Razz, and Bubba Kush Root Beer, they’re a hit for every occasion.

2. Smokiez Gummies

marijuana edibles in Missouri

Smokiez gummies come in a variety of delicious fruit flavors making them perfect for Memorial Day BBQs. They are easily one of the best marijuana edibles in Missouri. Some of the most popular flavors are Green Apple, Blackberry, and Peach. They also have sour versions of flavors available as well if you like an extra zing in your marijuana edible.

3. Illicit Smokos

Illicit Smokos prerolls missouri

The Illicit Smokos are one of the best cannabis products for Memorial Day! The definition for SMOKO is a rest from work for a smoke; a tea break. Each pack comes with 5 mini .5g marijuana prerolls. Their small size makes them perfect for quick breaks during Memorial Day events and get-togethers.

4. Head Change Concentrates

missouri marijuana concentrate head change

Head Change makes some of Missouri’s best marijuana concentrates. From their Animal Cookie Crips Live Sugar to their Bubbalato Live Badder, everything cannabis concentrate by Head Change is a winner. If you’re looking for a top-quality concentrate to celebrate Memorial Day, ask for Head Change.

5. Amend Topicals

cannabis lotion in missouri

Not everybody likes to feel high and that’s ok. For this, we recommend the Amend cannabis lotion. Amend makes some of the best marijuana topicals in Missouri and we’re proud to carry them. Cannabis lotions are a great way to ease muscle and joint pain in specific areas. This makes them perfect if you need a little help to get going this Memorial Weekend!

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