Best Cannabis Products for Valentine’s Day

Best Cannabis Products for Valentines Day

Love yourself with the best cannabis products for Valentine’s Day! ❤️

We’ve collected all of our best Valentine’s Day themed products to enjoy yourself or share with your special someone!

Best Cannabis Products for Valentine’s Day

Proper’s New Love Series

We are excited to announce that we will have Proper’s new February products available in all locations, except Kansas City,  starting later this week. Be on the lookout for when these new products drop! Follow us on Instagram for product drop announcements.

Love Chemistry by Proper

Proper Love Chemistry

Cupid’s Arrow by Proper

Proper Cupid's Arrow

Cherry Pistachio by Proper

Proper Cherry Pistachio

Love Is In The Air With Love Affair

Next is Love Affair! Love Affair is the result of a twist of fate, an accidental cross of ARC and GG4. Fortunately, the result is something special. Cedar and roasted marshmallow paired with ARC’s signature sweet berry flavor gives her an intoxicating flavor and aroma, while the experience is more uplifting and less stoney than ARC’s.

Proper’s Love Affair strain is available in a variety of product choices.

Best Cannabis Products For Valentine's Day

We’re Dreaming About Diamonds

Next up are diamonds! Diamonds are some of the best cannabis products for Valentine’s Day! Diamonds are a high-quality concentrate with powerful effects. Creating diamonds is a low and slow process. Nothing is rushed. They allow their crystals to form naturally in a low temperature environment, growing as large as possible. This process can take 14 to 60 days, depending on the strain. Get some diamonds today and get your glisten on!

Love Affair Diamonds by Proper (Also available in Sour Diesel & Ecto Cooler)

Love Affair Diamonds

Mama’s Pie Diamonds in Sauce by Heartland Labs (Available in Kansas City only)

A hybrid of two well-known indicas, Mama’s Pie is praised for her over-sized colas and sugary flavors. The aroma of this Big Bud/Blueberry cross has notes of skunky maple syrup and hash. The calming indica effects are an enjoyable way to curb nausea and migraines.

Heartland Labs Mama's Pie Diamonds

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