Best Missouri Cannabis Strains for Fall

Best Missouri Cannabis Strains for Fall

Fall is here and the Autumn fun awaits! We rounded up the Top 10 Best Missouri Cannabis Strains for Fall that are perfect for all of your Fall fun in Missouri! Remember to tag us in your product and/or adventure pics on Instagram for your chance to get featured! Strain availability varies by location.

Top 10 Best Missouri Cannabis Strains for Fall

1. AJ’s Sour D by Sinse Cannabis

AJ’s Sour D is a rare hybrid strain made by crossing Sour Diesel with an unknown hybrid strain.  The flavor of the bud is lemony with a mix of by herbs, spices, and skunkiness. AJ’s Sour D smells earthy with a hint of diesel and citrus. The effects are often described as cerebral and uplifting, providing clarity and focus.

2. Black Garlic by Flora Farms

Black garlic smells of earthy, garlic musk with citrus. It tastes smooth with hints of earth and musk. This strain produces a heavy body high and a burst of mental creativity. Black Garlic can help treat insomnia, pain, and stress.

3. KC Kush by Illicit

This indica-dominant strain is calming, great for aches and pains, creating some yummy dishes in the kitchen and a restful night of sleep. Some great notes of earth and pine create a strong and delightful aromatic experience. You will definitely be returning for some Kansas City Kush.

4. Tangie Gold 24k by Glaze Cannabis

A potent hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Kosher Kush with Tangie. This strain provides euphoric and relaxing effects that leave the consumer in a happy state of mind. Tangie Gold 24k Gold offers a sweet citrus flavor when smoked or vaped. Medical marijuana patients choose Tangie Gold 24k Gold to relieve symptoms associated with stress, anxiety, and depression.

5. Apple Fritter by Proper Cannabis

Another one of the best Missouri cannabis strains for Fall is Apple Friter. As the name suggests, this strain from Lumpy’s Flowers has a sweet, earthy profile with notes of vanilla and apple. The experience is euphoric and happy, but the relaxation that sets in from its high THC content will likely have you planted on the couch.

6. Red Velvet by Cookies

Red Velvet is a hybrid strain. It was made by crossing a Lemon Cherry Gelato and a Pina Acai. It’s most well-known for smelling like cinnamon or Hot Tamales candy. Effects are said to be a blend of mental and body effects that make for smooth feelings of euphoria without couch lock.

7. Cherry Diesel by Terrapin

Cherry Diesel is an indica-dominant cross of Cherry OG and Turbo Diesel. This strain has a distinct aroma and taste of cherry cola and skunk. Cherry Diesel provides mental and physical relief that is ideal for any time of day and any user!

8. Galactic Grape by Vertical Cannabis

Galactic Grape is an indica hybrid cannabis strain. This sedative strain is made by crossing Grape Diamonds and Stardawg IX. The terpene profile is high in D-Limonene, B-Caryophyllene and B-Myrcene, contributing to the sedative effects of this strain.

9. Heavy Fog #1 by Good Day Farm

Heavy Fog #1 is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain derived from the cross of Peanut Butter Trix with Sherbet #41. Boasting a skunky, herbal aroma, this energizing flower can be useful in alleviating depression, anxiety, and pain. Heavy Fog #1 is a great daytime choice that will leave you feeling energized, euphoric, and focused.

10. Baker’s Dozen by Vibe Cannabis

The Baker’s Dozen strain rounds out our list of the top 10 Missouri marijuana strains for Fall, with good reason. As the name implies, Baker’s Dozen has notes of butter, honey, and sweetness. Just in time for baking season, the effects of this marijuana strain include focus, energy, and relaxation.

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