Best Missouri Prerolls

Best Missouri Prerolls

After several review sesh-ions, we’ve found the best Missouri prerolls! Ever since Missouri legalized recreational marijuana, prerolls are flying off the shelves. Below are the top 10 Missouri preroll brands you can find the next time you search dispensary near me in Missouri.

Top 10 Best Missouri Prerolls

1. Hooter Prerolls

Hooter is a line of full-flower prerolls produced in Kansas City, Missouri by Terrabis. Hooter preroll strains are handpicked from partner farms searching for unique genetic profiles. Hooter J’s burn smooth and consistent, with white ash all the way through. Hooter prerolls are currently offered as 1g prerolls with multi-packs coming soon.

2. CLOVR Prerolls

Strain-specific flower goes into each CLOVR Preroll. CLOVR’s pre-rolled cone joints are made using single strain trimmed nugs of cannabis flower.  Instead of using shake, trim, or other plant leftovers, CLOVR prerolls with freshly dried nugs of premium cannabis flower that has been hand-trimmed and ground just before filling for a fresh and high-quality smoke. Each CLOVR preroll is hand-weighed for accuracy.

3. Safebet Prerolls

The best Missouri prerolls list would be nowhere without Safebet! Safebet prerolls are made with 100% full-flower and never from trim. Safebet also produces prerolled Blunts, and Threefers™. Safe Bet has simple offerings that are easy to conceptualize and don’t require complicated hardware.

4. FUBAR Prerolls

FUBAR Prerolls are a line of full-bud prerolls, infused with THCA, produced in Kansas City, Missouri by Terrabis. FUBAR stands for Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition. These THC-infused prerolls are filled with high THC cannabis flower and infused with a THC concentrate that takes consumers high to a whole new level.

5. Proper Cannabis Prerolls

Proper Cannabis prerolls are powered by award-winning cultivation experts, hand selected genetics, and a careful human touch. All of which ensure a consistent high standard of quality in every Proper cannabis preroll.

6. Good Day Farm Prerolls

Good Day Farm prerolls, known as Good Day J’s, are made with up to one gram of premium full flower, perfectly wrapped in organic hemp paper. Made with two grams of premium flower, Good Day Blunts are hand-rolled with care in small batches and topped with a glass tip for the best experience. Good Day Blunts never contain shake or trim, only full flower in perfectly manicured mini nugs.

7. Sunday Papers Prerolls

Sunday Papers prerolls are a premium line of full-flower prerolls produced in Kansas City, Missouri by Terrabis. With high THC preroll strains, and locally sourced Missouri marijuana flower, Sunday Papers are sure to give you the funnnies. Each preroll comes stuffed to the max and rolled thick as a Sunday paper, easily making them some of the best Missouri prerolls!

8. Mo’Dank Prerolls

Mo’Dank prerolls are made with top-quality Missouri marijuana. Mo’Dank isn’t just a brand, it’s a promise that every bud will be more dank than the rest. This motto translates to their exceptional line of Mo’Dank preroll strains which are one of the best Missouri prerolls.

9. Flora Farms Prerolls

When you buy a Flora Farms preroll, you can rest assured that it only contains Flora Farms premium ground flower, rolled and ready for your enjoyment. Flora Farms prerolls come in Flora Farms’ most popular strains, like Bubba Fett and Black Garlic!

10. Illicit Prerolls

Illicit 1 gram prerolls are only made from hand-trimmed flower and NEVER from shake or trim. Illicit delicately grinds up smaller buds in a temperature and humidity-controlled room to maintain the cannabinoid and terpene profile of their Illicit flower.

If your favorite preroll brand in Missouri isn’t listed, let us know in the comments who else we should consider for the next Best Missouri Prerolls feature!

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