Missouri Medical Marijuana – Everything to Know

Missouri Medical Marijuana

What Do I Need to Know About Medical Marijuana in Missouri?

Most people want to know how to get your Missouri medical card online. If you’re looking for how to renew your Missouri  med card online, then skip to the next section. Besides how to get your med card, it’s important to understand the state’s marijuana laws.

Missouri Medical Marijuana Laws

A great resource for marijuana laws in Missouri is NORML (National Organization for Marijuana Reform). They have a short list of important Missouri marijuana laws everyone should know.

Is Missouri a Medical Only State?

Yes. Missourians legalized medical marijuana in 2018. Medical marijuana dispensaries started selling products in October of 2020. Recreational marijuana is not currently legal in Missouri.

How To Get a MO Medical Marijuana Card Online

Getting your med card in Missouri is easy with Terrabis and MMJ Recs!

Missouri Medical Marijuana Card Service

We are partnered with MMJ Recs for med card registrations and renewals. MMJ Recs offers convenient online consultations to obtain your physician’s recommendation. Their fee is $50. It does not include state fees or submission to the state. Schedule your appointment here.

How Hard Is It To Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Missouri?

Missouri has a robust medical cannabis program. The state has made it as easy as possible for people with qualifying conditions to get access to top-quality medicine. It is arguably one of the best medical cannabis programs in the country.

How Long Does it Take for Missouri to Approve Medical Marijuana Cards?

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services has 30 days to process your med card application.

Who Oversees Missouri Medical Marijuana Regulations?

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services oversees the regulation of the state’s medical cannabis program. They are the best resource for news and announcements regarding Missouri’s medical cannabis regulations.

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