Top 10 Proper Cannabis Strains

Top 10 Proper Cannabis Strains

After asking our staff and patients to tell us their favorite Proper Cannabis strains, we’ve compiled a Top 10 list! Ask about any of these incredible Proper Cannabis Strains on your next Terrabis adventure! (Proper Cannabis strains will vary by store location.)

Top 10 Proper Cannabis Strains

1. Cookies and Cream Strain

Lineage: Starfighter x Mystery Cookies

It’s hard to resist Cookies and Cream, whether we’re talking about this strain or actual cookies. This award winning hybrid is sweet and creamy with a subtle vanilla nuttiness. Expect a relaxed, uplifting high.

2. Love Affair Strain

Lineage: Alien Rock Candy x Gorilla Glue #4

Love Affair is the result of a twist of fate, an accidental cross of ARC and GG4. Fortunately, the result is something special. Cedar and roasted marshmallow paired with ARC’s signature sweet berry flavor give her an intoxicating flavor and aroma, while the experience is more uplifting and less stoney than ARC’s.

3. Tigers Milk Strain

Lineage: Bubba Kush x Appalachia

Who needs a box of chocolates when you’ve got a jar of Tiger’s Milk? This one-of-a-kind strain brings the chocolate notes of Bubba Kush along with flavors reminiscent of caramel, butterscotch, and dulce de leche.

4. Sunny D Strain

Lineage: {(Afghan Kush x Blue Cheese) x (Harlequin x Sour Diesel)} x Joe’s Lemonade

If you love Tangie, allow us to introduce you to Sunny D. This tall drink of orange juice will get your creative juices flowing and your energy up in small doses, making it a perfect way to start a day out and about. With a slightly larger amount, expect a happy, sedative effect that can aid in a restful sleep.

5. Legend OG Strain

Lineage: Clone Only OG

Legend is particularly good for those looking for a good night’s sleep. The aroma matches up with what you’d expect from its OG Kush lineage, hitting notes of dank earth with some floral sweetness mixed in.

6. Grape MTN Strain

Lineage MTN Trop X Grape Pie Wedding Crasher

Contrary to what the name would lead you to believe, Grape MTN is a sweet, creamy, tangerine-forward strain. Expect happy, uplifting effects, making this strain ideal for social occasions.

7. Purple Punch Strain

Lineage: Grand Daddy Purple x  Larry OG

One whiff of Purple Punch and you might be worried that the Kool-Aid man is going to bust through your wall. Sweet grape and berries swirl together in a mix that will relax you to the point of sedation.

8. Alien Rock Candy Strain

Lineage: Sour Dubb x Tahoe Alien

Our calling card. With a deep, sour soil aroma intertwined with candy-sweet berry and citrus notes, its aroma and flavor are unparalleled. Combine that with its world class potency and you’ll understand why ARC is such a special strain. ARC starts off uplifting before mellowing into a deep, sedative high.

9. Bordello Strain

Lineage: Blueberry Apocalypse x Alexis

What Bordello lacks in THC it makes up for with stellar terpene content. There’s a bright, overt fruit funk in both flavor and aroma—imagine a fruit cocktail mixed with a rich red wine—that makes it one of our most flavorful strains.

10. Apple Fritter Strain

Lineage: Sour Apple x Animal Cookies

As the name suggests, this strain from Lumpy’s Flowers has a sweet, earthy profile with notes of vanilla and apple. The experience is euphoric and happy, but the relaxation that sets in from its high THC content will likely have you planted on the couch.

All information about Proper Cannabis Strains provided by Proper Cannabis.

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