Things To Know About 420 in Missouri

Things to Know About 420 in Missouri

When it comes to 420 in Missouri, we have a lot to celebrate! There are lots of 420 parties in Missouri that are going on this week. We’re especially excited to be hosting our own 420 events in Missouri at Terrabis locations in Springfield, Kansas City, O’Fallon, and Creve Coeur!

There’s more to 420 in Missouri than just our events though. This is why we’re shouting out a few of our favorite Missouri 420 events and other things to do so you can celebrate our community’s biggest holiday!

Things to Do On 420 in Missouri

Since we have multiple Missouri dispensaries, we broke down the list by the three major community regions we serve.

Things to Do On 420 in St. Louis, Missouri

– Terrabis 420 Parties in O’Fallon & Creve Coeur

420 Event in St Louis420 Event in Missouri

We wanted the STL cannabis community to have a few things to do on 420 in St. Louis. This is why we’re hosting a 420 event in O’Fallon and a 420 event in Creve Coeur. Each 420 party goes from 2pm to 6pm. We’re featuring a different selection of food and vendors at each location, plus custom 420 Missouri Terrabis swag.

– Hi-Pointe Drive-In $4.20 Menu

HiPointe 420 in Missouri Menu

Our friends at Hi Pointe Drive cooked up a special menu for 420 in St. Louis!

“You just know Chef Adam had the dopest munchie ideas for 4/20! In fact he had so many we just had to do them all.”

🥁Introducing the $4.20 munchie menu, available on 4/20 at all three Hi-pointe locations, featuring… 

🥓🍔Bacon cheeseburger eggrolls

🍟Spam fries

🍪 @hotboxcookies chocolate chip which

*While Supplies last

Things to Do on 420 in Kansas City, Missouri

– Terrabis 420 Party in Kansas City

420 Event in Kansas City

If you’re looking for the best 420 event in Kansas City then come by the Terrabis Kansas City dispensary and party with us between 2pm and 6pm. We will have vendors, food, custom 420 swag, and lots of extra fun!

– Kansas City Puff Puff Paint

Check out the 2nd Annual Puff Puff Paint happening at Equal Minded Cafe & Event Center, 4327 Troost Avenue, Kansas City, United States on Wed Apr 20 2022 from 04:00 pm to 08:00 pm.

More info here.

Things to Do on 420 in Springfield, Missouri

420 Event in Springfield

– Terrabis 420 Party in Springfield

For those of you wanting to celebrate a 420 event in Springfield, then come by the Terrabis Springfield dispensary between 2pm and 6pm. We will have vendors, food, custom 420 swag, and lots of extra fun!

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