10 Best Weed Strains for The Super Bowl

10 Best Weed Strains for The Super Bowl

These top 10 best weed strains for the Super Bowl are perfect for the big game day! The Super Bowl is not just any event, it’s a spectacle that brings together millions of hardcore fans and casual viewers. Whether you’re cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs or simply looking forward to the halftime show, upgrade your game day with some top-notch green from Terrabis dispensaries in Missouri or Illinois.

The trend of pairing weed with sports events is becoming increasingly popular, adding a whole new layer of enjoyment to watching sporting events. It’s not just about getting high, it’s about appreciating the nuances of each strain and how it enhances the overall experience.

1. Blue Cheese

The Blue Cheese strain is an indica-dominant hybrid that offers a slow burn, perfect for the long haul of the game. Its unique flavor profile, like sweet berries with a hint of savory cheese, makes it one of the best weed strains for the Super Bowl.

With its roots traced back to the UK, this weed strain is known for its potent combination of Blueberry and Cheese genetics. The relaxing effects are ideal for easing the tension during those nail-biting moments of the game. Plus, its distinct aroma can make your Super Bowl party feel like a gourmet event.

2. LA Kush Cake

Next up is the LA Kush Cake strain, a strong indica-dominant hybrid known for its relaxing effects. Often associated with rapper weed, this strain can help you kick back and enjoy the halftime show like never before.

This weed strain is known for its high THC levels, often reaching up to 25%. It offers a rich earthy flavor profile with notes of pepper and pine. So, while you’re enjoying the game, why not indulge in a taste of Los Angeles’ cannabis culture?

3. Lavender Jones

For those hosting a Super Bowl party, the Lavender Jones strain is an excellent choice. Its uplifting and euphoric effects are sure to keep the energy high and the spirits bright, even if the game takes an unexpected turn. This weed strain is recognized by its unique lavender and mint aroma that can fill the room with a calming fragrance.

It’s also known for its potential to boost creativity, making those halftime discussions about game tactics even more engaging. Lavender Jones is perfect for those seeking the balance of a calming body high without heavy sedation.

4. The Great Ha’Tuh

The Great Ha’Tuh strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that provides a clear-headed, creative high. One of the more interesting marijuana strains, its cerebral effects could make even the most complex plays seem like poetry in motion.

This strain is a great conversation starter, with its intriguing name derived from the ancient Egyptian word for ‘peace’. Its sweet and earthy flavors will tantalize your taste buds, adding another layer of enjoyment to your Super Bowl party. Plus, its energizing effects can help keep you engaged throughout the entire game.

5. Sherb Cake

Among the best weed strains in the world, the Sherb Cake strain stands out. This potent indica-dominant hybrid is perfect for the Super Bowl, providing a relaxing high that can help temper the excitement of the game. Known for its rich terpene profile, Sherb Cake offers a delightful fusion of sweet, creamy, and fruity flavors.

Its strong, tranquilizing effects are ideal for those tense moments, offering a sense of calm amid the excitement. So if you’re looking for a strain that offers both taste and potency, Sherb Cake could be your perfect Super Bowl companion.

6. Morning Dew

The Morning Dew strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that offers a mix of uplifting and calming effects. As one of the top weed strains, it’s perfect for a Super Bowl party where you want to feel relaxed yet alert to every play.

This strain is a cross between two legends, Alien Bubba and Durban. Its flavor profile is characterized by its earthy and citrusy notes, which can add a refreshing touch to your Super Bowl. Its smooth, balanced effects make it a great option for both first-time and experienced cannabis consumers.

7. White 99

The White 99 strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid known for its potent cerebral effects. It’s certainly one of the best weed strains for the Super Bowl, keeping you engaged and excited throughout the entire game.

A cross between Cinderella 99 and The White, this strain boasts high THC levels and a rich terpene profile. Its potent cerebral high is perfect for keeping you engaged in the game, while its flavors of tropical fruit and pine can transport your senses to a sunny beachside. So, as you cheer for your favorite team, let White 99 be on your super “bowl” team!

8. Face Mints

If you’re after cannabis strains with high THC, look no further than the Face Mints strain. This potent hybrid delivers a powerful punch, making every touchdown feel like a personal victory. With its lineage tracing back to Face Off OG and Kush Mint, this weed strain offers a unique balance of relaxation and excitement.

Its minty and earthy flavors are a delight to the palate, adding a gourmet touch to your Super Bowl. If you’re looking for a strain that packs a punch, Face Mints is the way to go.

9. Blueberry Clementine

The Blueberry Clementine strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that offers an uplifting and energizing high. As one of the best weed strains, it’s sure to add a burst of positivity to your Super Bowl party.

This strain gets its name from both of its famous parent strains, Blueberry and Clementine. It’s known for sparking creativity and positivity, making every play feel like a win. If you’re looking for a burst of happiness and energy, Blueberry Clementine is your go-to strain.

10. Double Trouble

Last, but not least, is the Double Trouble strain. Known as one of the high-THC strains, Double Trouble delivers a strong, fast-acting high that’s perfect for the thrill of the Super Bowl. With its lineage tracing back to the famous G13 strain, Double Trouble lives up to its name by delivering a powerful high that kicks in almost instantly.

Its flavors of sweet earth and citrus add a delightful touch to your smoke sesh. Plus, its potent effects are ideal for providing a sense of calm amid the adrenaline rush of the game.

The Super Bowl is a time for fun, excitement, and camaraderie. Whether you’re a die-hard football fan or just in it for the good vibes and commercials, these top weed strains are sure to improve your game day. Remember, the best weed strains for the Super Bowl are waiting for you at your local Terrabis Missouri dispensaries or our Terrabis Illinois dispensary. Shop at Terrabis today and make this Super Bowl a high-scoring event no matter what team you’re rooting for!

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