Top 10 Weed Strains for BBQs

Top 10 Weed Strains for BBQs

May is National Barbecue Month and we’ve picked our top 10 weed strains for BBQs! When barbecue season arrives, it brings with it memories from the grill and the promise of good times with friends and family. Combining cannabis and barbecue can elevate your backyard gatherings to a new level. Here are the top 10 weed strains for BBQs, each selected for how they complement the laid-back vibes of a smokey barbecue.

1. Dogwalker OG

The Dogwalker OG strain, also known as Dawg Walker OG or Dawg Walker, is easily one of the best weed strains for a barbecue. Its potent effects are ideal for long walks and outdoor activities often associated with BBQs. The strain’s earthy and piney notes pair seamlessly with the smoky flavors of grilled meats and veggies, enhancing the overall dining experience without overwhelming the senses.

Dogwalker OG is believed to have been bred from Albert Walker OG and Chemdawg 91, creating a heavy-hitting combination. This weed strain is particularly favored by consumers who enjoy relaxing in outdoor settings, making it perfect for a barbecue. The terpene and cannabinoid profile of Dogwalker OG complements not just the flavors of the food but also the overall ambiance of a BBQ gathering under the open sky.

2. Triangle Kush

Triangle Kush strain, often referred to as Triangle OG or OG Triangle, is among the best indica weed strains for BBQs. Its effects are perfect for hanging out by the grill after prepping and cooking. The strain’s hints of citrus and earth can complement a variety of barbecue dishes, making every bite a highlight of lunch or dinner.

Hailing from the Sunshine State, Triangle Kush is speculated to descend from the legendary OG Kush, which explains its complex aroma and famous effects. This weed strain is ideal for those moments at a BBQ when relaxation becomes the priority, especially after a hearty meal.

3. Midnight Runtz

The Midnight Runtz strain is a newer addition to the Runtz strains of cannabis, bringing a sweet, fruity flavor that perfectly matches the casual vibe of cannabis for barbecues. Its balanced effects have been said to spark conversation and laughter, making it a great choice for social gatherings around the grill.

Midnight Runtz, a delightful concoction of Funky Charms and Runtz, offers a taste of candied fruit and creamy dessert in a way that reminds us all of the joyous spirit of a summer BBQ. This cannabis strain is suitable for both day and night festivities, ensuring that everyone feels included in the fun.

4. Slurricane

The Slurricane strain is known not just for its weed and BBQ compatibility but also as a high THC strain that delivers potent effects. Ideal for evening BBQs, it may help guests enjoy the moment, while its sweet, fruity flavors enhance the taste of summer BBQ desserts.

Born from the union of Do-Si-Dos and Purple Punch, Slurricane inherits a lineage full of potency and flavor. This marijuana strain’s ability to meld Purple Punch with Do-Si-Dos creates an ideal time for late-night conversations around the fire pit. Slurricane’s complex terpene profile, which includes hints of berry, spice, and cream, makes it an excellent choice for any barbecue menu, promising to take your BBQ one level higher.

5. Banana Daddy

The Banana Daddy strain is a remarkable hybrid weed strain that unforgettably represents weed and barbecue. Its tropical banana flavor is a refreshing companion to a hot day by the grill that keeps the mood light and cheerful.

The genetic makeup of Banana Daddy, resulting from crossing Banana Hammock R1 with Granddaddy Purple, lets you know this weed strain is an incredible mix of top-shelf cannabis strains. This strain shines in social settings, and the Banana Daddy’s unique flavor profile also complements fruity mocktails which can provide an intriguing counterpoint to spicy BBQ sauces.

6. Sour Sherbet

The Sour Sherbet strain is listed among the best hybrid weed strains for BBQs for many reasons. The sour and sweet notes of this cannabis strain are reminiscent of a refreshing summer sherbet, making it a perfect palate cleanser between different types of barbecue dishes.

Sour Sherbet is the child of 7/8 Sour and Sunset Sherbet, blending the best of both genetics into a singular, harmonious bud. This weed strain is perfect for staying engaged and active throughout the BBQ, whether you’re manning the grill or engaging in outdoor games. It is a must-try for BBQ and cannabis enthusiasts who want to add a twist of THC to their barbecue.

7. The Glove

Voted 2022’s Leafly Strain of the Year, The Glove strain has quickly become one of the top 10 weed strains for barbecues. Its profile of terpenes offers a spicy, earthy flavor and smell that complements full-bodied barbecue sauces.

The exact genetics of The Glove involve crossing Gary Payton and Jealousy, creating a pedigree of high-quality, potent strains. The Glove strain’s reputation at social gatherings is well-deserved, with many people saying it’s perfect for BBQs. Additionally, The Glove’s smooth, balanced smoke makes it an excellent choice for extending the smoke session of a barbecue into the evening.

8. Blue Cheese

The Blue Cheese strain is an indica weed strain famous among cheese weed strains for its distinctive creamy, cheesy smell which pairs wonderfully with grilled mushrooms or a hearty steak. It’s perfect for watching sunsets, making it a staple for any BBQ evening.

Combining Blueberry and UK Cheese is what gives the Blue Cheese strain a savory terpene profile. This marijuana strain is recommended for the latter part of a BBQ when the pace begins to slow.

9. Strawberry Milkshake

Who doesn’t want a milkshake at a barbecue? The Strawberry Milkshake strain, a delicious hybrid marijuana strain, answers that call with its sweet, berry flavors. It’s one of the top weed strains for BBQs, especially for those who have a sweet tooth and prefer a lighter smoke that doesn’t interfere with the day’s activities.

Drawing genetics from the likes of Strawberry Soda and White Fire Alien OG, Strawberry Milkshake strain buds have a sweet and creamy smell that will remind you of indulging in its namesake dessert. This weed strain is perfect for daytime BBQs spent outdoors in good company. The distinct strawberry flavor of this cannabis strain makes it an excellent companion to fruit-based desserts or as a contrast to the savory flavors of food from the grill.

10. Ice Cream Runtz

Completing our list of the top 10 weed strains for BBQs is the Ice Cream Runtz strain. Part of the illustrious Runtz strains, Ice Cream Runtz is known for its creamy, vanilla smell that’s reminiscent of a classic ice cream dish. Known as rapper weed for its popularity in hip-hop culture, it’s perfect for keeping the vibe cool and festive during barbecue season.

Ice Cream Runtz is a decadent cross between Wedding Cake and Gelato 33, embodying the sweet, creaminess of its parentage. This weed strain is particularly suited to social BBQs where its light, dessert-like flavors can offer a sweet end to the meal or be enjoyed alongside daytime festivities. It’s an ideal conversation piece that pairs wonderfully with the laid-back, communal nature of barbecues, ensuring everyone leaves with a smile.

Choosing from the top 10 weed strains for BBQ can transform any regular barbecue into a high-level social experience. Each weed strain’s specific properties and genetic heritage bring something special to the table, whether it’s complementing the flavors of your food or enhancing the vibe. Combining barbecue with cannabis is about crafting memorable moments that linger long after the last ember has cooled. Integrating these top weed strains into your barbecue plans adds a layer of enjoyment, making every moment more vibrant and every bite more delicious.

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