Top 10 Weed Strains for Father’s Day

Top 10 Weed Strains for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and the finest weed strains for Father’s Day are the best way to celebrate! For all those dads that smoke weed, we’ve got a lineup that’s sure to make their special day the best yet. Forget the traditional tie or coffee mug. This year, it’s all about indulging in the best cannabis strains for dads.

What to Get a Dad That Smokes Weed?

Are you scratching your head wondering what to get a dad that smokes weed? Look no further! We’ve curated the ultimate list of strains that will make any cannabis-loving dad grin from ear to ear. From classic favorites to exotic new weed strains, these are perfect for showing your appreciation.

1. Chemmy Jones

First up on our list is the Chemmy Jones strain. Also known as Chem Jones or Chemdog Jones, this potent hybrid is one of the best weed strains for dads who appreciate quality. With its strong lineage and cannabinoid profile, Chemmy Jones is like a reliable old friend who’s always there when you need it.

2. Lemon Cherry Gelato

Next, we have the delectable Lemon Cherry Gelato strain. This mouth-watering bud combines citrusy zest with creamy sweetness, making it a top choice for Father’s Day. It’s like treating your dad to a gourmet dessert but without the calories.

3. Triangle Mints

For those looking for weed strains for Father’s Day that pack a punch, the Triangle Mints strain is a must-try. This powerful hybrid is as refreshing as it sounds, offering a balanced range of effects that any discerning dad will appreciate. Think of it as mint chocolate chip ice cream, but way cooler.

4. Peach Crescendo

If your dad has a penchant for fruity flavors, the Peach Crescendo strain is the way to go. This weed strain combines sweet peach notes with a crescendo of potency, making it a perfect choice for Father’s Day. It’s like giving your dad a basket of fresh peaches but with a twist of THC.

5. Watermelon Zkittles

Let’s add a splash of summer to the mix with the Watermelon Zkittles strain. Also known as Watermelon Z, this weed strain is ideal for dads that smoke weed and love a burst of fruity goodness. Imagine a juicy watermelon in candy form that you can roll up and smoke, that’s Watermelon Zkittles for you.

6. A La Mode

For those who want to gift the best weed strains for Father’s Day, the A La Mode strain is a top contender. This luxurious hybrid is as indulgent as it gets, offering a rich and creamy flavor of smoke that any dad will savor. It’s like treating him to a fancy dessert, à la mode, of course!

7. Butterstuff

Who wouldn’t love a bit of buttery goodness? The Butterstuff strain delivers just that. This weed strain offers a smooth and velvety experience that’s hard to beat. Perfect for a relaxing Father’s Day, Butterstuff is like a pat of butter melting on warm toast that is simply irresistible.

8. Blockberry

Next on our list is the Blockberry strain. This powerhouse cannabis strain is ideal for dads who appreciate a flavorful experience. With its bold berry notes, Blockberry is like giving your dad a bowl of fresh berries, only better.

9. Garlic and Bananas

For something truly unique, consider the Garlic and Bananas strain. As one of the top weed strains for Father’s Day, this quirky blend makes for some of the best buds around. It’s a little weird, a lot wonderful and perfect for adventurous dads. Think of it as a culinary experiment gone incredibly right.

10. Mac 1

Last but definitely not least is the Mac 1 strain. Also known as The Mac strain, this legendary hybrid strain is a favorite among cannabis connoisseurs. It’s a great gift for dads who appreciate top-tier quality. Mac 1 is like the luxury sports car of weed strains. It’s sleek, powerful, and oh-so-impressive.

Now that you know what to get a dad that smokes weed, it’s time to make your selection. These best weed strains for Father’s Day are available at Terrabis dispensaries in Missouri and Terrabis dispensaries in Illinois. Whether you shop online or visit in person, we are proud to carry an outstanding selection of the best weed strains and cannabis products. Cheers to all the awesome dads out there!

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