Top 5 Garlic Weed Strains

Top 5 Garlic Weed Strains

Our top 5 Garlic weed strains list is as pungent as it is powerful. These weed strains, often considered some of the best strains of weed in the world, offer a distinct blend of garlicky goodness. Whether you’re a cannabis strain hunter searching for the perfect cannabis bouquet or simply looking to spice up your stash, these garlic strains are green goodies that are sure to leave a lasting impression on your next smoke sesh.

Are Garlic Weed Strains Indica or Sativa?

Garlic weed strains may be indica, sativa, or hybrid depending on their genetics. Some lean more towards indica-dominant strains while others are considered sativa-dominant strains. Most Garlic strains are hybrid strains that combine the genetics of sativa weed and indica weed to make a combo of effects and growth characteristics. This makes the answer as layered as an onion, or should we say garlic clove?

1. GMO Cookies

Among the top Garlic weed strains, the GMO Cookies strain, also known as GMO Garlic Cookies or simply Garlic Cookies, is the cream of the crop. GMO stands for Garlic Mushroom Onions, so this strain is not genetically modified but might just be engineered to withstand any bad vibes coming your way. A heavy hitter in the garlic game, its aroma is as pungent as your grandmother’s kitchen during a holiday feast, offering a flavor profile that’s hard to forget.

2. Garlic Budder

Spread the love with the Garlic Budder strain, a creamy concoction that is a result of a GMO and Fortune Cookies strain cross. Predominantly an indica-dominant strain, it may help melt stress away like butter on a warm skillet. Its savory essence will have you thinking someone snuck into the kitchen to whip up garlic bread instead of bud.

3. Garlic Breath

Take a deep breath; if it smells like dinner, you might be getting a whiff of the Garlic Breath strain. This delicious hybrid weed strain was birthed from the cross of the GMO and Mendo Breath strains. It’s the kind of marijuana strain that reminds you to brush your teeth before bed, possibly making your dreams as flavorful as your reality.

4. Garlic

Going back to where it all began, the Garlic strain, also known as Garlic Bud, is considered one of the first Garlic weed strains. It’s like the beginning of garlic cannabis, offering a pure, unadulterated taste of heritage and history. This cannabis strain is the botanical equivalent of finding an old, cherished cookbook in your attic, filled with recipes from generations past. It’s a must-try for cannabis OGs and cannabis newbies.

5. Lemon Garlic OG

Speaking of OGs, for people who like a twist to their classics, the Lemon Garlic OG strain brings a citrusy zest into the mix. Among some of the best Garlic weed strains, it’s like adding a slice of lemon to your water, refreshing, with a hint of sophistication. This cannabis strain’s terpene profile balances the robust garlicky base with a tangy kick, proving that lemon and garlic will always go well together.

In the quest for the best Garlic weed strains, whether it be the coveted GMO Cookies strain, the creamy Garlic Budder strain, or any of their mouthwatering counterparts, you can find these on your next adventure into our Terrabis dispensaries in Missouri and Illinois. We are proud to supply a curated selection of the best weed strains in each state, ensuring that your next cannabis adventure is both high-quality and high-flavor. Shop our online dispensary menus to buy weed online and pick it up at a Terrabis dispensary near you today!

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