Top 5 Vivid Cannabis Strains in Missouri

Top 5 Vivid Cannabis Strains in Missouri

Ask about any of the Top 5 Vivid cannabis strains in Missouri on your next Terrabis adventure! These strains are easily among some of the best weed strains in Missouri. From the dessert-like sweetness of the fruity terpene profiles in Rainbow Sherbet #11 to the high-THC levels in LA Baker, these Vivid cannabis strains produce some of the best bud you can find in the Show-Me State.

1. Rainbow Sherbet #11

Number one on the list of the top 5 Vivid cannabis strains in Missouri is Rainbow Sherbet #11. Dive into a pot of gold with Rainbow Sherbet #11, aka RS11 or RS-11. This Rainbow Sherbet #11 weed strain is a treasure trove of scents and flavors, blending sweet, fruity notes with a smooth sherbet-like smoke that you’re sure to love in every puff. Ideal for people wanting a balanced high with a spectrum of effects, this weed strain is as magical as finding the end of a rainbow.

2. Alien Mintz

The next stop on our top Vivid strains list takes us on a cosmic cannabis tour with Alien Mintz. Also known as Alien Mints, this Alien Mintz weed strain takes you on an interstellar adventure without leaving Missouri. Its cool, minty flavor is complemented by a savory earthiness that makes for a smoke sesh out of this world. A favorite in Missouri dispensaries, Alien Mintz delivers a high as mysterious and profound as the void it’s named after. Don’t be surprised if you contemplate the cosmos after a session with this extraterrestrial wonder.

3. LA Baker

LA Baker, a high-THC strain, brings a slice of the West Coast’s sunny vibes to the Midwest. This LA Baker weed strain is a masterclass in potency, delivering a high amount of THC that could even make a seasoned baker question rolling another joint. Among all of the Vivid cannabis strains in Missouri, LA Baker is known for its rich, creamy smoke that engulfs your senses like a warm, welcoming hug from an old friend. It’s a must-try for those who appreciate a high that’s both robust and comforting.

4. Bananaconda

Slithering into Missouri’s dispensary menus is the Bananaconda weed strain, also known as Banana Conda. This weed strain wraps around you with its long-lasting, mellow buzz, much like the gentle squeeze of a friendly anaconda. With a flavor profile that combines the tropical sweetness of bananas with a peppery backbone, Bananaconda weed can offer an escape to an exotic jungle with each puff. It’s a perfect pick for people wanting a high-THC weed strain.

5. Lost Cause

Rounding off the top 5 Vivid cannabis strains is Lost Cause, a weed strain that’s anything but what its name suggests. Among Missouri cannabis strains, Lost Cause is an enigmatic strain that offers a complex array of effects. For adventurers at heart, Lost Cause is a reminder that sometimes, getting lost is the best way to find yourself.

Whether exploring the top Vivid cannabis strains or seeking the best Missouri weed strains, the Show-Me State has something for everyone. From the decadence of RS11 to the cosmic chill of Alien Mintz, there’s a world of aromas, flavors, and cannabis experiences waiting at Terrabis dispensaries in Missouri. Whether you gravitate towards the rainbow allure of RS11 weed strain or the earthy grip of Lost Cause, you can find them at Terrabis by shopping our dispensary menus online now. We also invite you to adventure into any of our Missouri dispensaries in St. Louis and Springfield for one-on-one guidance from our friendly and expert budtenders.

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