Top 10 Weed Edibles for Halloween

Top 10 Weed Edibles for Halloween

Halloween is upon us and we have the most thrilling weed edibles for Halloween! From devilishly delicious weed gummies to bewitching weed chocolates and spine-chilling THC drinks, we’ve got the top 10 weed edibles that will make your Halloween a high-light!

1. Honeybee Blood Orange Strawberry Gumdrops

The Honeybee Blood Orange Strawberry Gumdrops are not your average weed gummies. They’re frightfully fruity, wickedly sweet, and pack a potent punch with their high THC gummy content. One bite of these Honeybee gumdrops and you’ll be buzzing with delight.

2. Wink Black Cherry Fizz

Cast a spell on your taste buds with the Wink Black Cherry Fizz. This enchantingly effervescent THC drink is one of our favorite cannabis mocktails. It’s a hauntingly refreshing way to lift your spirits this Halloween!

3. CLOVR Dark Chocolate Bar

Sink your fangs into the CLOVR Dark Chocolate Bar. This sinfully rich THC chocolate bar is one of the most decadent weed chocolate bars out there. It’s the perfect choice for all the chocoholics out there who prefer tricks with their treats.

4. Fireball Gummies

Ignite your Halloween with the Fireball Gummies. These fiery weed gummies are not for the faint-hearted. With a dragon-worthy kick of THC gummies, they’re guaranteed to set your Halloween celebrations ablaze.

5. Illicit Slaughtermelon Gummies

Meet the Illicit Slaughtermelon Gummies, the most killer weed gummy on the block. These watermelon-flavored gummies are one of our top picks for weed edibles for Halloween. They’re a gruesomely good way to get your daily dose of THC.

6. WYLD Blood Orange 1:1 THC/CBC Gummies

Get wild this Halloween with WYLD Blood Orange 1:1 THC/CBC Gummies. These CBC gummies offer a balanced high that’s as sweet as candy. It’s the perfect way to add some thrill to your chill this Halloween.

7. Tonic Fizz Black Cherry

Raise a toast to Halloween with the Tonic Fizz Black Cherry. This sparkling THC drink is one of our favorite mocktails. It’s a wickedly delicious way to get your buzz on this Halloween.

8. Sweet Life Marsh Mellow Treats

Who you gonna call? Sweet Life Marsh Mellow Treats! Not the marshmallow man from Ghostbusters, these fluffy marshmallow treats are one of the yummiest edibles in Illinois. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself saying, “I ain’t afraid of no ghost… or munchies!”

9. Kiva Dark Midnight Mint CBN Bar

Indulge in the midnight magic of the Kiva Dark Midnight Mint CBN Bar. This minty fresh weed chocolate is one of the best weed edibles for Halloween. It’s a hauntingly delicious way to end your Halloween festivities.

10. OZONE Blood Orange Gummies

End your night with a bite of the OZONE Blood Orange Gummies. These potent weed gummies are packed with a punch of citrusy sweetness and a kick of THC gummy goodness. It’s the perfect treat to keep the Halloween spirits high.

So there you have it, the top 10 weed edibles for Halloween that are guaranteed to make your All Hallows’ Eve a hit. Whether you’re in Missouri or Illinois, be sure to check out these tasty treats at our local Terrabis dispensaries in Missouri or the Terrabis dispensary in Illinois. Have a spooktacular Halloween!

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